Our school years etch a lifelong and indelible mark on the makeup of our characters.

Friendships are formed, bonds are made and memories linger long after the final school bell. Time erodes the simple day-to-day memories, but there are always stories that linger on - often funny, sometimes poignant, the kind Old Collegians share upon meeting again.

Hayden Butler
SKOCA President


The Old Collegians' Association provides a forum for fellowship amongst former students, an opportunity to reconnect with our past, but also to look forward and discuss ways in which we can help and give back to the schools that had such an impact on our formative years. We encourage graduates from each of the campuses to stay in touch and keep the connections. There are many events during the course of the year that bring groups of former students from all walks of life back together for a chance to reminisce and share stories of the past and their current endeavours. For those who have moved further afield, there are other avenues to stay connected. For many years, 'Piper' magazine and the Saint Kentigern website have kept former students in touch with their place of learning. 

We have long encouraged you to stay in contact and tell us what you have done since leaving school, or what you are about to do, a recent achievement, a momentous event, or any other item of interest.

Stories such as these enrich the memory for past, present, and future students. They provide a valuable contribution as historical records for our archives, recording the growth of our Preschool, Schools and College, and of the many and varied people who have contributed and continue to contribute to that growth.

We encourage you to contact us with your stories for others to read, both for publication here online and in 'Piper', and to add to the archives as part of the recorded history of Saint Kentigern.

If you have a story to tell, write to us at

I look forward to continuing to strengthen the ties.

Hayden Butler
SKOCA President