With programmes tailored to the specific needs of girls, our mission is to inspire each of the girls in our care to strive for excellence in all areas of endeavour. Setting good habits and establishing self discipline, self esteem and a joy of learning are the keys to their future learning success.


The School continues to embrace traditional concepts and skills while emphasising the integrated learning that is central to the knowledge era of the 21st century. 

In addition to their core homeroom subjects, our girls have the benefit of access to specialist facilities for visual art, music, science and technology. 

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to assisting girls of all abilities to discover their talents while developing life skills such as problem solving, co-operation and self-management.

Today’s technology enhances the way our girls learn, analyse, create and experiment, preparing them well for their transition to secondary education and beyond.

Technology in our classrooms

Our classrooms are technology rich and from the earliest age, our girls and their teachers make full use of modern technologies to support teaching and learning. 

Girls from Year 4 have the opportunity to work on personalised laptops within their classroom programme and, with access to a wireless network, this enables students and teachers to work collaboratively on learning tasks allowing all participants to share information with each other in real time.


Our girls are encouraged to participate to the very best of their ability across a broad range of academic, practical, physical and cultural pursuits.

Our teaching and learning programmes are challenging, exciting and varied, preparing our girls for an ever-changing world.