Below are some answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

If you cannot find the answer to a question you may have, please contact one of our friendly staff in Admissions who will be happy to help with your query.

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Independent Education

What does an Independent School offer?

Making the decision about where your child should be educated is an important decision.  Parents have the right to choose the schooling that best meets the needs of their child, and an independent education provides that choice. With no zoning issues, families can make a choice about where they would like to live and where they would like to send their children to school.

The main advantages of an independent education come from the school's high level of autonomy, better governance, and a competitive drive on its part to provide quality education and facilities in return for tuition fees.

Saint Kentigern College expects the best from both its staff and students and believes in holding ourselves accountable to our parents. Our class sizes are generally smaller, further split into smaller tutor groups for attentive pastoral care. We place a strong emphasis on teaching Christian values, ethics, and philosophy and attract teachers who enjoy the freedom to be innovative.

Each independent school has its own special character. Saint Kentigern College is underpinned by a strong Scottish heritage, innovative teaching, modern, world-class facilities, a personal laptop program, and the option of two qualification pathways for senior students: NCEA or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.


When should I send in an application? Is there a closing date?

The main intake years at the College are Years 7 and 9 for both boys and girls, with limited availability at other year levels.

We recommend that applications be received by the end of Term 1 of the year preceding entry.  Please note that we always have many more applications than places available, so we encourage families to plan to ensure that they secure a place for their child.

Do we need to apply years in advance?

An application may be submitted up to three years ahead of entry. 

Are there places available mid-way through the year?

Our roll is generally full at the start of each academic year; however, there may be spaces available. Our Admissions team can let you know if there is a space available and guide you through the process.

Please note that it is preferred that we do not enrol student’s mid-year as the majority of the curriculum is taught in Terms 1 and 2, and a new student can be unsettling for current students and teaching staff.

What is the process after we submit an application form?

Step 1:

Complete an application form and forward with the Application Fee ($300 incl. GST).

The Application Fee covers the costs of considering the application and is non-refundable.

The following items are required with the application:

  • Passport style photograph of Applicant
  • A copy identifying date of birth in Birth Certificate or Passport
  • A copy of most recent school report
  • Application Fee (non-refundable) payable to Saint Kentigern Trust Board
  • For Non-New Zealand born students Applicant – A copy of Passport/Visa entry or Residency/Citizenship

Step 2:

Following receipt of your application, you and your child may be invited for an enrolment interview. The interview will take around 30 minutes in an informal and friendly setting.  
The Interviews are arranged by Admissions and are scheduled to as applications are received.

Please note that as we receive more applications than places available, not every student will be offered an interview and may be placed on a waiting list.

Step 3:

Should the interview be successful you will receive a written offer of a place for your child.
This is usually sent within one week of the interview. To secure this place, the enrolment agreement must be signed (by both parents or caregivers) and returned along with the Acceptance Fee ($900 inc GST), the Association Fee ($575 inc GST) Education Bond ($2,000 nil GST).

The Education Bond is a non-interest-bearing deposit to be paid (one per family). Provided the necessary notice of withdrawal has been given and all accounts due have been paid, the bond will be repaid upon completion of the education of the last sibling.

Saint Kentigern College Online Enrolment Application

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents)

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (International Students)

Does my child need to be ‘academic’?

We encourage all our students to "be the best that they can be." Your child does not have to be a "top academic," but they must have a good all-around ability and be prepared to fully commit to all endeavours while at College.

In addition to their academic studies, they will be expected to contribute to the wider life of the college in areas such as sports, music, drama, service, worship, and leadership.  The college is chosen based on the student's "best fit."

Do you have an entry examination?

After students have been accepted, they are invited to attend a New Entrant Orientation Day. This day is held at the beginning of November. On this day, New Entrants sit English, mathematics, and reasoning tests. The tests are to give our teaching staff an understanding of your child's academic level and skills and assist with class placement. For students entering year 7, this is to gauge their level upon starting at the college. For students entering year 9, it is used to stream some of the core classes.


When do interviews take place?

Interviews are scheduled from Term 1 of the year preceding entry in the order we receive applications.



Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are offered to candidates who:

  • demonstrate excellence in academics, performing arts, sports, and/or a combination of these, i.e.: all-round talent
  • would uphold the Saint Kentigern values and have a positive attitude
  • have a clear vision of how they see themselves in the future and the contribution they would like to make to the College and wider community

Scholarships are awarded from the beginning of Years 9, 10 or 11 and are for the duration of the student’s schooling.  All scholarships are subject to annual review; continuation is dependent on the student’s academic performance, attitude, and contribution to the overall life of the College

All scholarship candidates applying for a scholarship may be invited to sit academic testing, attend an audition, and/or participate in a sports trial.

What are the types of scholarships?

Future Me Scholarships – Academic, Performing Arts, Sport or All Rounder
Future Me scholarships are available for students who demonstrate outstanding achievement and attitude in one or more areas of academics, sports, and performing arts. 

These Scholarships are awarded on merit to those students who demonstrate excellence in any area, who uphold the Saint Kentigern values, and demonstrate an outstanding attitude with a clear vision of their “Future Me” and the contribution they will make to the College and wider community.

Old Collegians Scholarships:
This scholarship is provided by Saint Kentigern Old Collegians Association. The recipient must be a child of an Old Collegian or have a strong family connection to an Old Collegian.

Boarding Scholarships
Boarding Scholarships are available for talented students who need to board at Bruce House to take advantage of the opportunities available at Saint Kentigern. 

Scholarship application forms are available on our website. 

Find out more about Scholarships 

Open Day and Campus Tours

Can we visit the College before we make a decision to apply?

Yes, we welcome families interested in a Saint Kentigern education to attend either our Open Day or Campus tour. The Open Day is held annually in early March. Campus tours are run in Terms 2 and 3.

What is the difference between an Open Day and a Campus Tour?

Our Open Day is a full morning designed to inform you of the benefits of a Saint Kentigern education and to give you an insight into our College in action. Our pipes and drums will welcome you onto the campus, followed by a tour of the campus led by college prefects and student leaders. During the morning tea, you will hear from the College Principal and have the opportunity to speak with the Heads of Departments to learn more about what is on offer at the college.

A campus tour gives you the opportunity for a smaller group tour of the college, followed by a morning tea where you can meet and chat with our Principal and Heads of Departments.

If you are visiting from overseas or out of town, we will always do our best to accommodate a request for a personal tour at your convenience.

Do I need to register for a tour?

To ensure that we have a suitable number of guides available, we do ask that families register to attend by completing the online form. Those considering boarding for their child are also encouraged to make this known so that a personal tour of the boarding facilities can be arranged following the Campus tour.

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Register for Open Day

Campus Tour Registration

Academic Pathways

How many students in each class?

Our class sizes are, usually 24 or fewer with a maximum of 28.

Students in Years 9-13 are placed in small tutor groups of approximately 15 -18 students for their daily pastoral care. Depending on their choice of subject, some class sizes may be very much smaller.

Do you offer Cambridge Exams?

No, we offer either the NCEA or IB pathways.

During Year 11, all students complete their NCEA Level 1 qualifications. Year 12 students can choose to continue with either the NCEA pathway at Level 2 or begin the two-year International Baccalaureate. 

Learn more about NCEA

Learn more about the IB Diploma Programme

What does the IB programme offer?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB) Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification for entry into higher education that provides an excellent fit with the Saint Kentigern College ethos. The programme emphasises high academic standards in the mandatory areas of literature, a second language, mathematics, humanities, and science. Academic excellence is coupled with emphasis on personal development in areas such as research, philosophy, and social awareness. It is aimed at average to good students with a strong work ethic.

What second language learning do you offer at the College?

We currently offer Te Reo Maori, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

Laptop Computers

Do all students need a laptop?

Yes. Saint Kentigern College is a wireless campus with a strong focus on current technologies. All our students use laptops daily for study, research, homework and presentation.

Can students use their own laptops?

They need to be configured to our network and have our software loaded on them.

The laptops we offer at College are designed to a specification level which is very robust for school use. It is preferable that your child’s laptop is bought as part of our IT package. Your own laptop would not be covered by our insurance or service contract at the College. An indication of the cost of the IT package is outlined on the Attendance Cost form.

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents)

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (International Students)


What age do you take Boarders from?

The College accepts Boarders from Year 9 to 13 for both the Girls and Boys boarding. Some Year 8 students may be offered a place should they have a sibling already boarding or have the maturity to stay away from home.

Are weekly boarding options available?

Yes, we offer both full term and weekly boarding for boys and girls in our onsite boarding facility.

Are there different fees for weekly and full-time boarding?

No, it is the same fee for both weekly and full-time boarding. This allows all students to stay in some weekends if they wish to, and weekly boarders often want to stay Friday night at Bruce House to be ready for Saturday sport.

Can I visit the boarding house to inspect the facilities?

Yes, we welcome interested future boarders and their families to tour both the College and the boarding facilities. We acknowledge that attending one of our regular Campus Tours may be difficult for those who live out of town, so we are happy to arrange a personal tour of the boarding house at your convenience.

Can I get some more information about boarding facilities?

Information on ‘Life as a Boarder’ is available from Admissions.

Phone 09 577 0703 or email Admissions

Bus Routes

What are your bus routes and where can my child catch the bus?

We have an extensive bus network that covers Auckland with over 34 different bus routes from South Auckland, West Auckland, and Central suburbs. Students can catch the bus from any marked bus stop along our routes.

Find out more about Saint Kentigern Chartered Bus Routes

How much does the bus service cost?

Costs vary according to proximity to the College. Specific queries can be directed to College Bus Co-ordinator Lisa Brown.

Email Admissions or Phone 09 577 0703


Is there a discount for more than one child?

The sibling discount on tuition fees is 5% for two children at Saint Kentigern and 10% for three children (or more). Full details about the cost of attending Saint Kentigern College are available here.

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents)

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (International Students)

International Students

What level of English does an International student require?

International Students require a good level of comprehension in both written and spoken English. An Oxford English test is required to be completed with a level of B2 and above achieved.

My child is coming from overseas. What are the equivalent levels/grades at Saint Kentigern College?

This is usually assessed on age and school reports.

We would be able to confirm the most suitable level for your child during an interview and when we have viewed their current school reports.

What documentation do you require for international students?

Detailed information about applying to Saint Kentigern as an International Student can be found in the International section of this website.