The Preschool is located at 514 Remuera Rd, Remuera.

If you would like to contact the Preschool please feel free to send us an email by completing the form below or call us at 09 520 8814

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Below are some answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

If you cannot find the answer to a question you may have, please contact our friendly staff in Admissions who will be happy to help with your query.

Admissions phone 09 520 8814 or email

What is the enrolment procedure?

The process for enrolment is by application only. A non-refundable fee is payable with the initial application. We do recommend that you visit the Preschool prior to enrolment to see the children at work and play, and to meet the staff. Once your enrolment forms have been received, an interview will be arranged with Head of Primary and the Preschool Director in an informal and friendly setting. Priority is given to families whose children plan to continue their school education at Saint Kentigern or who have a family connection through Old Collegians family members and siblings. Once accepted at our Preschool, no further application fee is required to attend Saint Kentigern Boys' and Girls' School.

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Is there a minimum number of days a child must attend?

There is a two day minimum requirement for children, however, this is at the discretion of the Director and dependent on the availability of days and the balance of attendance ratios. Priority of placement goes to full time children.

Does Preschool offer half day sessions?

There are two options for hours:
A 7 hour per day option – these hours are flexible but depend on availability in relation to staff: children ratios. Many options are available.

There is also the 10 hours per day option – which offers more flexibility for busy and working parents.

What does 20 ECE hours mean?

Our Preschool offers the Ministry of Education 20 ECE hours subsidy to all 3 and 4 year old children who are eligible. The fees reflect this. To obtain this fee subsidy, an attestation declaration must be completed at enrolment.

How are fees charged?

All fees are payable by direct debit. Payment of fees will be direct debited fortnightly on a Wednesday for the current week plus one in advance. Any adjustments for holidays or sickness will be processed in arrears and paid/deducted from the next payment.

Is there a discount available for siblings attending Preschool and /or Saint Kentigern campus schools?

If you have another child attending as a student at a Saint Kentigern campus, including the preschool, you will be entitled to a 5% discount on the fees for your preschool child. A 10% discount will apply to the fees for the preschool child if you have two or more children attending as students at another Saint Kentigern campus.

Do I pay fees for Public Holidays?

All fees are payable for public holidays that fall on the day your child is enrolled and Preschool is closed. This excludes public holidays that fall during the Preschool annual closedown.

Is there a holding fee when Preschool is closed for the annual closedown?

A $50.00 per Preschool child holding fee will apply to secure your child’s space for the following year.

When is Preschool closed?

Preschool closes in late December for approximately 3- 4 weeks.

What happens to fees if I want to take my child on holiday or they are sick?

A 50% discount is available for a maximum of three weeks that can be used for sickness or holiday. This does not accrue to the following year if it is not used.

What is the Preschool ratio for staff to children?

Preschool is licensed by Ministry of Education for 50 children aged 3- 4 years per day. We maintain a ratio of one adult to every 6 children and a cook each day.

Are meals provided for my child?

All meals provided for the children during the day are fresh, nutritional and well-balanced. Morning and afternoon tea and a cooked lunch are all prepared on site in our purpose built kitchen. Weekly menus are displayed on the noticeboard. Fresh fruit / vegetables are provided at each meal. All meals provided are prepared on site by our cook.

Will my child have access to regular drinks?

Water is provided at every meal – and a child’s height drinking fountain is available on the deck at all times for the children to access.

What if my child has specific dietary needs?

Parents need to provide information on the enrolment form with any special dietary needs – including allergies to food, religious requirements or other specific requests such as vegetarian. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests, however, parents may be asked to send some cooked meals from home to be kept in the freezer for their child. A photo of the child and their needs is kept in the kitchen for all staff to be aware of.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Yes, the blue and white is part of Saint Kentigern and children wear it with pride! It brings a strong sense of belonging and makes early morning dressing an easy option for children and parents.

Will my child have an opportunity to go on trips or excursions?

Saint Kentigern Preschool children regularly go on full group trips outside the centre. Trips regularly take place to destinations such as Kelly Tarlton’s, the Museum, musical shows, the Zoo or specific events in relation to our learning such as Stardome. A chartered bus is the most common mode of transport used for Preschool trips. Parents and extended family members are welcome on all trips, although some are on a first come basis due to transport and required ratios. Our ratio on trips is never more than 1:3 – in fact most trips have been 1:2. Trips are planned on varying days to accommodate all children over the year. All trips involving vehicle travel will require parents / caregivers to sign a separate form giving permission for your child to attend the trip.

Impromptu walks around the Preschool environs are part of the programme and permission is granted for this by parents on enrolment.

Can my child sleep while at Preschool?

All 3 year old children are encouraged to rest / sleep from 12.30 -1.30pm. Staff remain in the sleep area at all times while children are sleeping – and sleep times are recorded for parents. If you do not wish your 3 year old child to sleep they will go into the sleep area and be given books to look at quietly. Each child has their own bed, sheet and polar fleece blanket provided by the Preschool in a named bag with their photo on it for their sleep / rest days.

Are staff qualified?

All staff employed are qualified, experienced and above all have a passion for their work with young children. Due to our high ratio of staff – 9 fulltime (we need 5 staff to meet Ministry of Education requirements) – the need to employ relievers is rarely required. Should a reliever be required we have two qualified staff available to work with us who know the staff and children already.