The Saint Kentigern Trust was founded in 1949 for the original purpose of providing schools for boys in the Auckland Province. 

The Trust Board is an independent body with power to appoint its own members. Two members are nominated by the Presbytery of Auckland. All members of the Board must be members or adherents of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. The Trust is incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 (previously the ‘Religious Charitable and Educational Trusts Act 1908’) and 2005 .

In 1953, the Trust Board opened Saint Kentigern College, Pakuranga, to provide education for boys from Form I to Form VII. In 1959, Saint Kentigern School, Shore Road, Remuera, was opened to provide education from the Primers to Form II. On 12 December 1995 by Act of Parliament the Trust Deed was amended to provide for the education of girls as well as boys and in 2003, the 50th Jubilee year, the education of girls commenced at the College. 

In May 2009, the Corran and Saint Kentigern Trust Boards merged, with the Saint Kentigern Trust Board assuming responsibility for staffing and operations on the Girls’ School campus. A Preschool was opened at the start of 2011, on the Girls’ School campus.

The current Chairman of the Trust Board is Mr Mark Conelly, who was elected to the Chair in 2020. Mr Conelly joined the Board in 2016 and as an Old Collegian and past parent, he has had a long association with Saint Kentigern.


Mr Mark Conelly


Mr Yong Tiong


Mr Murray King


Mrs Kelly Smith
Deputy Chair


Mrs Kim McGregor


Haydn Wong


Mr Andrew Morgan


Dr Kevin Morris


Rev Martin Baker


Reverend Ivan Martinez

Founding Trustees

The St Kentigern Trust, a charitable entity with strong links with the Presbyterian Church, was constituted by deed on the 23rd of February 1949.

The founding Trustees were a number of prominent Presbyterians:

William John Fletcher             Gordon Kerr Hamilton                  Neil Lloyd Macky

Ian Watson Fraser                   James Morton                               David Nicol Pryor

William Goodfellow                 Donald Dixon McKenzie               Duncan McFadyen Rae



Sir William Goodfellow 

The first Chairman and member of the Board from 1949 to 1950 until his resignation in 1962. His valuable experience, his considerable generosity and his wise advice contributed to the successful development of the College from its outset. The needs of the College were always to his heart.


Mr Neil L Macky

The original pioneer who made the dream of a Presbyterian Boys' College in Auckland become a reality. Mr Macky who became the Chairman in 1951, gave his life and soul to the establishment of the College and its welfare. His ability to source financial contributions along with his time, energy and inspiration spanned ten years of promotion and development in buildings, grounds and the many extras required during the foundation years.

The Trust Deed also provided that in the future, the status of 'Founder' could be given to those who ‘are hereinafter requested by the Trustees to sign this Trust Deed in recognition of the help, aid or benefactions given to the Trustees to further the objects of the Trust.’ Since 1949, the status of Founder has been conferred on four people in recognition of their contribution to the Saint Kentigern Trust.

Douglas Goodfellow.jpg

Mr W Douglas Goodfellow 

Mr Goodfellow was appointed to the School Board in 1959 and served as a Trust Board member. He also served as Board Chairman from 1965 to 2000. He was known for his generosity, commitment and wise counsel over a long period of Chairmanship. He had always ensured stability and consolidation of the Board and had been a dedicated contributor to the steady growth of both the School and the College operations. (Founder status conferred 13 March 1972)

Warwick Macky.jpg

Mr J Warwick Macky 

Mr Macky was the first and only Chairman of the Saint Kentigern School Board, serving in that capacity from 1959 until the amalgamation of the School Board with the Trust Board in 1996. He also served on the Trust Board from 1960 to 1996. He made an enormous contribution to the establishment of the School and was a very dedicated and effective Chairman throughout his 37 years of service. 
(Founder status conferred 9 March 2003.)

Don Clark.jpg

Mr Don Clark

Mr Clark was the first Chairman of the College Board, serving in that capacity from 1988 to 1994, and as a College Board member until 1996. He was also a member of the Trust Board from 1986 to 2000. He made an enormous contribution to the development of the College during his tenure as Chairman and also played a leadership role in the restructuring of the College, School and Trust Boards into a single Trust Board in 1997.
(Founder status conferred 9 March 2003.)

Mr Milne.jpg

Reverend Jim Milne 

Rev. Milne joined the Trust Board in 1979 and served until 2000 as the Trustee appointed by Auckland Presbytery. He also served on the College Board from 1988 until 1996, including over two years as Chairman succeeding Don Clark. His contribution to the Trust Board covered many aspects of College life and included the important role of contact with the Chaplain, and leading the strategic planning group charged with the development of the College site. 
(Founder status conferred 9 March 2003.)

The wishes of the Founders are expressed in the Trust Deed as follows:

The Founders are desirous of founding and providing for a School, or Schools of learning and other institutions wherein boys and girls of this country shall be cared for taught and educated in accordance with those principles and precepts traditionally present in that system of education which based on the religion of the Presbyterian Church inculcates a desire for the acquisition of knowledge for the Glory of God and the benefit of mankind a proper discipline of mind and body and a life of service to others.’

In pursuit of that vision, Saint Kentigern College was opened in 1953, and Saint Kentigern School was opened in 1959. In May 2009, the Saint Kentigern Trust Board assumed the responsibility for staffing and operations of Saint Kentigern School for Girls – Corran. A Preschool was opened on the Girls’ School site in 2011.

The Saint Kentigern Trust Board is the governing body for these four schools