2022 Scholarships Applications are closed. The Year 5-8 Roselle Foundation Middle School Scholarship Applications are still open.

Saint Kentigern Boys’ School offers academic, all-round and music scholarships at Senior School level (Years 7- 8).  Boys in Year 6 are eligible to apply for the awards including those not currently enrolled at the school. All candidates are required to sit examinations.

To be considered for a Scholarship, applicants must be New Zealand citizens or hold New Zealand residency. Scholarships are awarded from the beginning of Year 7 and are for two years duration dependant on the student’s positive attitude and commitment to School.

2023 Applications will open in December.

Old Collegians’ Scholarship
An Old Collegians’ Scholarship is available to a student with a Saint Kentigern family connection to a former student.

JC Chalmers Academic Scholarship
The primary consideration in making this award will be a student’s performance in the Scholarship examinations.

Alison All Round Scholarship
This is awarded to a boy entering Year 7 who displays all-round excellence in academic, sport and/or cultural fields. 

Geoff Burgess Music Scholarship 
This Scholarship is awarded to a boy entering Year 7 after an audition with the Boys’ School Director of Music and an interview with the Principal of the Boys’ School. 

Years 5-8 Roselle Foundation Middle School Scholarship
The Roselle Foundation Middle School scholarship is intended to provide a quality education, opportunities and leadership skills for a student from Year 5 to Year 8.  A confidential endorsement must be provided by the Principal of the applicant’s school for a current Year 4 student with all-round potential but without the financial means to attend Saint Kentigern Boys’ School.  

Criteria for the scholarship includes evidence of academic aptitude, commitment to self-improvement through effort and tenacity and potential for leadership.  The Roselle Foundation Middle School Scholarship provides an all-inclusive assistance package that enables recipients to make full use of the School’s environment.  Applications will close on 12 August 2021 for the 2022 intake.  More information about the scholarship click here and to fill out the application form here.

If you would like more information regarding Scholarships please contact us by phone 09 520 8694 or email