The Saint Kentigern Place of Honour, Shore Road

Te Pou o te Rīpeka is a special place on our campus that acknowledges and honours exceptional individuals who embody the values that Saint Kentigern holds dear - respect, integrity, service, excellence and love.

Each honouree has made significant contributions to Saint Kentigern Boys’ School, Girls’ School, and Preschool, working tirelessly over the years to shape and make our schools a place where excellence thrives.

They exemplify the essence of Saint Kentigern, serving as guiding beacons for all who follow in their footsteps.

Located to the south of our Specialist Facilities on the Shore Road campus, this serene contemplative space is accessible to all in the community and has been specially designed to include Saint Kentigern’s unique symbolism. At the heart stands a magnificent marble Celtic cross, Te Pou o te Rīpeka, that serves as a reminder of our Presbyterian heritage. The walls on each side of the cross hold beautifully crafted plaques with the names of our honourees etched on them, representing their unique story of service, passion, and dedication to our community.

Te Pou o te Rīpeka is a place where our community gather to remember, reflect and celebrate our honourees whose remarkable contributions form an integral part of our rich history. It is a place where we take inspiration from their steadfast commitment to continuously build on Saint Kentigern’s mission to provide an education that inspires students to strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and service of others.


2023 Honourees


Neil Lloyd (Polly) Macky

Neil Lloyd Macky, lovingly known as Polly, was a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark for his significant contribution towards the establishment of Saint Kentigern.

Through his visionary leadership and tireless effort, Polly laid the foundation for an exceptional educational institution that continues to empower and inspire generations of students and educators today.

From the outset, Polly was resolute in his mission to build a Presbyterian boys’ school in Auckland and pursued his dream with unwavering determination. Polly’s business acumen from running his own practice as a lawyer, which combined with his deep sense of discipline and fortitude from experiences in war, was pivotal to the inception of Saint Kentigern Trust Board and in shaping the early development of Saint Kentigern schools.

With his keen eye for potential, Polly secured the donation of Roselle House from John Martyn Wilson, providing the initial property for what would be the site for Saint Kentigern Preparatory School, and today the Saint Kentigern Shore Road Campus, home to our Boys’ School, Girls’ School and Preschool.

Polly’s foresight extended to the selection of a sizable land site for the College campus as we know today. Through his persuasive abilities, he acquired a 50-acre property in Pakuranga and convinced the Crown to sell an additional adjacent block which provided the necessary space for the building and expansion of the College, which opened in 1953.

Exemplifying the principles of stewardship, Polly took considerable discernment in appointing Reverend Adam MacFarlan as the first College Headmaster in 1952, and later Jack Chalmers as the first Headmaster of Saint Kentigern School (our Boys’ School today). These exceptional leaders went on to shape the trajectory of Saint Kentigern guided by their visionary wisdom.

Polly’s unwavering dedication to the School’s welfare and development was evident in every aspect of his involvement. He relentlessly sourced financial contributions, leveraging his connections and persuasive abilities to secure necessary funding. His leadership guided the construction of school buildings and the development of the grounds, creating an environment conducive for learning in the formative years of Saint Kentigern.

Polly’s legacy is one of pioneering spirit, and selfless service. His deep commitment to the ideals of a Presbyterian education and his ability to turn vision into reality have left an enduring impact on Saint Kentigern.


Dr William Bruce Goodfellow

Dr William Bruce Goodfellow is a third-generation member of the Goodfellow family who has contributed extensively and generously to Saint Kentigern.

Bruce started his education at Saint Kentigern School in the school’s foundation year, continuing through to Saint Kentigern College, and had remained involved with the school for the rest of his life as a Board Member, Chair of the Board, parent, and grandparent.

Bruce’s commitment to education and the Presbyterian Church has been the driving force behind his passionate involvement in all aspects of Saint Kentigern. He joined the Board in 1983, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Bruce served on all Boards, including the Trust, College, and School. Upon his father’s retirement in 2000, Bruce was elected Chairman of the Trust Board, a position he held until 2017. His commitment to Saint Kentigern was unwavering, serving as a Board Member for 36 years until his passing in 2020.

It was Bruce’s remarkable vision that led to the relocation of the Girls’ School and Preschool to the Shore Road campus. The three schools, including the Boys’ School, now share and benefit from being on one encompassing world class learning facility. Bruce’s close partnership with the Principals transformed this one campus vision into reality, shaping the distinctive learning environment that defines our unique Shore Road campus today.

Under Bruce’s leadership, Saint Kentigern achieved significant milestones, and remarkable growth and development. During his time as Chairman, the schools more than doubled in size, accommodating over 400 staff member and nurturing the educational journeys of more than 3000 students, solidifying Saint Kentigern’s position as one of the largest independent school groups in Australasia.

Bruce also played a crucial role in the amalgamation of three boards into one cohesive Trust Board in 1996. Recognising the need for a strong and stable governance structure, he devolved aspects of governance to appropriate subcommittees, allowing for efficient decision-making and workload management.

Another of Bruce’s notable achievements was his commitment to inclusivity and holistic education, advocating for the change in the Trust Deed to allow girls to be educated at the College. His forward-looking decision paved the way for the establishment of girls’ boarding and a girls’ primary school within the Saint Kentigern community, further enriching the educational offering of

Saint Kentigern for all children.

Bruce’s impact on Saint Kentigern goes beyond administrative achievements. He personified the values and ethos of the school, blending his personal values with those of Saint Kentigern to create a holistic approach to education. He drew upon his business acumen and experience to contribute to the schools’ growth and success.

Bruce’s dedication to the primary schools and preschool extends beyond his official duties which spanned generations and has been marked by extensive involvement, visionary leadership, and a genuine passion for education. He attended and actively participated in various school events, showing his genuine interest and support for the students, staff, and wider community. Bruce recognised the value Saint Kentigern brought to his life and in turn, gave significantly back to the growth and development of the school.


Rosemary Harris

Rosemary has made remarkable contributions during her tenure as one of the longest-serving Trust Board members.

As Deputy Trust Board Chair from 2017 to 2020, Rosemary played a pivotal role in helping shape the Trust Board’s strategy and governance. She actively participated in the strategic review that affirmed Saint Kentigern’s commitment to educational excellence and was part of the decision-making that led to structural changes and strengthening of leadership teams.

A key area of Rosemary’s focus was the development of a world-class educational facility at Saint Kentigern, especially for the Shore Road campus. She took a special interest in the master planning process and worked diligently to bring the Board’s vision to life. Rosemary was actively involved in the building development of the two primary schools and shared specialist facilities on Shore Road along with a dedicated Preschool, ensuring they were purpose built with learning in mind. She was extremely generous with her time, meeting regularly with the Principals to discuss concepts, share ideas and to explore possibilities for future growth.

Rosemary’s contributions extended beyond her role and time on the Trust Board. She has been an ardent advocate for the Boys’ School, collaborating closely with current and former Principals to support its continuous development. Rosemary’s involvement with the Roselle Foundation highlighted her commitment to philanthropy within the community. Together with the Trust Board, she successfully attracted and managed ongoing funding streams for the school. Rosemary’s efforts were particularly evident in major fundraising campaigns for the Jubilee Sports Centre, the Building Minds, Building Futures campaign which raised $2.5 million for the Roselle Library and Learning Commons, and the Boys’ School’s Annual Giving programme. She was also a constant at school events, ever present to support and engage with students, parents and staff.

Rosemary joined the Trust Board in 1996. Through her years of service, Rosemary’s invaluable contributions across various areas, from strategic planning to fundraising, has left a legacy that will continue to benefit generations of students to come.


Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson, fondly known at the Boys’ School as student #20 and a familiar face to many in the community, is a remarkable alumnus who remains a constant presence at key events and activities at the school six decades after graduating from Saint Kentigern.

Encouraged by the inaugural Chairman Warwick Macky and Trust Board member Rosemary Harris, Peter began actively engaging with the Old Boys’ community and continues to be a lynchpin that brings together past and present students to create a connection that binds generations.

Under the guidance of past Boys’ School Principal Geoff Burgess, Peter’s contribution deepened, working closely with the then Development Office to arrange various functions including lunches, dinners and golf days for Old Boys. Recognising the need to expand and strengthen the network of his alma mater, he tirelessly re-established connections with 2000 alumni, bringing them back into the fold of the community.

In raising funds for the school, Peter saw the potential of a dedicated foundation as a vehicle for donors to channel their contributions. His foresight paved the way for the establishment of the Roselle Foundation which continues to support and enrich the schools’ development today.

When Peter Cassie came on board as Principal, Peter expanded his involvement in the day-to-day life of the school. He took on the role as manager of the 1st XI and 1st XV sports teams, touring South Island twice in that capacity. Alongside Peter Cassie, he presented at the Australasian Educate Plus Conference, regularly organised barbeques for old boys and current students, and took time to speak to staff on developing a strong school culture.

As an Old Boy of both the Boys’ School and College, Peter understands the importance of engagements and relationships, and maintains a meaningful connection by personally writing to the Head Boy on his appointment, and to the cricket and rugby teams to celebrate their selection, annually. He provides counsel to staff members where appropriate and keeps a strong rapport with many Old Boys, offering them necessary support when needed.

Peter’s friendly demeanour and approachable nature make him a beloved figure, someone whom students, staff and fellow Old Boys can rely on and turn to for guidance and support. He finds great satisfaction in working with the community in his own way and continues to regularly lend his expertise at many Boys’ School events, from prize giving ceremonies, sports matches and alumni reunions.

Over the years, Peter has helped foster a sense of belonging and bridged generations with a shared purpose that transcends time. His modest every day efforts exemplify the power of a passionate individual to make a lasting difference and impression.