Purposely designed to enhance learning and wellbeing, our school environment is a stimulating place where children grow and learn through play, laughter, imaginative experiences and nurturing relationships.

Below are some answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked. If you cannot find the answer to a question you may have, please contact our friendly staff in Admissions who will be happy to help with your query. 

At which age can students join the Preschool?

We take children who are over 3 years of age.

Is there an opportunity for me to see the Preschool before I submit an application?

You may contact the Preschool to organise a private tour at any time.

Are there any criteria for acceptance?

All applications receive our consideration. Priority is given to students who plan to continue their education through to Saint Kentigern Boys’ School or Girls’ School, from current Saint Kentigern families and past pupils of the Saint Kentigern organisation.

Do I have to reapply for my child to continue their education at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School or Girls’ School?

All Saint Kentigern Preschool students are offered priority interviews to attend Saint Kentigern Boys’ School and Girls’ School, without the need to reapply.

Is there a minimum number of days a child must attend?

There is a three-day minimum requirement for children, however, this is at the discretion of the Principal and dependent on the availability of days and the balance of attendance ratios. Priority of placement goes to full time children. We are open from 7.30am – 5.30pm and you may choose for your child to be enrolled for a full day or for a 7 hour per day option – these hours are flexible but depend on availability in relation to staff: children ratios.

Do I pay fees for Public Holidays?

All fees are payable for public holidays that fall on the day your child is enrolled and Preschool is closed. This excludes public holidays that fall during the Preschool annual closedown over Christmas.

What are the Preschool Holidays?

Saint Kentigern Preschool does not close for term holidays like the schools. Preschool closes in late December for approximately 3- 4 weeks. A $50.00 per Preschool child holding fee will apply to secure your child’s space for the following year. A 50% discount is available for a maximum of three weeks that can be used for sickness or holiday. This does not accrue to the following year if it is not used.

What is the Preschool ratio for staff to children?

Preschool is licensed by Ministry of Education for 56 children aged 3- 4 years per day. We maintain a ratio of one adult to every six children and a cook each day. All our teachers are qualified with a Bachelor of Education, experienced and above all have a passion for their work with young children. Due to our high ratio of staff, we have 9 full-time teachers (we need six staff to meet Ministry of Education requirements), therefore the need to employ relievers is rarely required. Should a reliever be required we have staff available to work with us who know the staff and children already.

Are meals provided for my child?

Our on-site cook prepares your child healthy, tasty and nutritious meals, using the highest quality, freshest produce whilst keeping a careful eye on our use of additive-free foods to optimise nutrition. We understand that good nutrition is essential for growing children and helps to foster the development of healthy, informed, responsible and positive attitudes towards eating.
Parents provide information on the enrolment form with any special dietary needs – including allergies to food, religious requirements, or other specific requests such as vegetarian. Every effort is made to accommodate these requests; however, parents may be asked to send some cooked meals from home to be kept in the freezer for their child.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Yes, the blue and white is part of Saint Kentigern and children wear it with pride. It brings a strong sense of belonging and makes early morning dressing an easy option for children and parents.