At any one time there may be a number of Development Projects that are on the go at all 3 campuses.

Below are listed each of the developments that Saint Kentigern is currently building on various sites.

Building Saint Kentigern

A long-term strategy for our family of schools

The Saint Kentigern Leadership Team and Trust Board have developed a long-term strategy for our family of schools to ensure we continue to deliver excellent education to all our students for current and future generations.


Primary Schools and Preschool Master Plan

A new plan for a strong future built on traditional values

The opportunities the master plan targets vary from school to school, but it also reflects  commitment across all schools to maintaining the Saint Kentigern ethos, single-gender education at primary level and using Saint Kentigern resources for the good of all students.

Boys' School - Building Minds Building Futures 

Creating centres of excellence

Originally housing the library and classrooms for our foundation pupils, this new development allows the boys to return to Roselle House. Our aim is to restore the building, preserving our heritage while modernising it to reflect the demands of modern education.