An Ancient Book

From the College Archives:

Did you know that the College is the holder of a treasured rare volume that was printed over 400 years ago?  The College Archives Centre contains many printed items relating from the opening days on the Pakuranga campus in 1953, but students and staff here are able to view this leather bound book printed in 1700 AD. 

The ancient book, ‘Preparation for the Gospel’, was actually written in the fourth century AD by Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea, probably the ablest of the first generation of Christian writers and a man remembered for being the first major historian of the church.

Saint Kentigern Preparation for the Gospel.JPG
Eusebius page closeup  (2).JPG

The book itself was designed to show how pagan history led up to the Christian revelation, but it is also especially important as it contains large and important fragments of the works of ancient authors which have long since perished as well as  extracts from those which still remain, and which are lasting proofs of their being genuine.

Our copy of Eusebius is in good condition, the cover having been repaired In the 1970s by an expert in book restoration. It is displayed in the College Archives Centre in a specially crafted timber and glass cabinet, the gift of the Saint Kentigern College Parents Association in 1982.

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