Sports Development Programmes - Years 9 and 10

An opportunity exists for students in Years 9 and 10 to be selected into Development Programmes in the following sports: Cricket, Netball, Rugby and Football. 

Classes are built into the College timetable and students who are selected forgo an option to attend these classes. The programme focuses on skill development, tactical awareness, strength and conditioning, mental awareness and general well-being.

The programme consists of 4 periods over a 7-day timetable. One of the 4 periods is dedicated to strength and conditioning which takes place in our state-of-the-art fitness centre with our Strength and Conditioning Coach. The other three periods are a combination of technical and classroom work.


Rugby Development Programme for Years 9 and 10

The rugby programme trials are held in February for selection to classes.

Students learn the basic techniques and principles of rugby: catch-pass, tackle technique and breakdown skills. In strength and conditioning, students learn functional movement patterns, basic core exercises, speed and agility drills, all led by strength and conditioning coaches. 

Field-based conditioning sessions are very challenging, involving physical contact/body conditioning with short and long-running blocks. Fitness levels are monitored by specific running testing throughout the year to ensure students are fit enough to play at a consistent level. 

Students prepare a weekly performance training plan at the beginning of the week, which includes individual goal setting, technique work, conditioning work and balance with school life and academic focus.

Rugby Code Head - Tasesa Lavea


Netball Development Programme for Years 9 and 10

The Netball Development Class educates players on the holistic skill sets required to be a better athlete and a better person. Students focus on the technical, tactical and psychological components used by athletes to achieve their best and combine those learnings with how we behave within a team and training environment.

Areas the class covers include:

  • Fundamental netball skills that require thought as well as physical reactions
  • Tactical strategies
  • Nutrition
  • Coping strategies to manage performance stress and anxiety
  • The theoretical concepts surrounding teamwork and cohesion
  • Game and individual analysis
  • Strength and Conditioning

Netball Code Head - Natalie Milicich 



Cricket Development Programme for Years 9 and 10

Overview of Programme

  • Basic principles of the game: solid balance/efficient movement/quality decision-making, practical sessions, player assessment measures, key fielding principles, classroom work using live footage, tactical awareness learning
  • The laws of the game
  • The history of the game
  • Mental skills required for the game
  • Routines, switching on and off techniques, decision-making process- bowler vs batter and batter vs bowler, game toughness, professional sports psychologist presentations
  • Strength and conditioning introduction
  • Learning the fundamentals to ensure safety and good technique
  • Understanding how strength and conditioning can relate/help to specific skill areas  
  • Premier player characteristics 

Cricket Code Head- Mark O'Donnell


Football Development Programme for Years 9 and 10

First and foremost, we look to create a positive and fun learning environment for our players. We are passionate about developing footballers and good people based on the 4-corner approach (Technical, Physical, Tactical, Mental).

One of our aims is to develop players for our 1st XI Boys’ and Girls’ teams. We also want to ensure we have multiple pathways for our players with a focus on the individual player and their needs. 

Football Code Head - Brian Shelley



 These Development classes are built into the College timetable. Students forgo an option to attend these classes. At the end of Year 9 these classes are reviewed and there are no guarantees  whatsoever of remaining in the programme for Year 10.