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Below are some answers to the questions that we are most frequently asked.

If you cannot find the answer to a question you may have, please contact one of our friendly staff in Admissions who will be happy to help with your query.

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Where is Saint Kentigern College?

Saint Kentigern College is located in the Auckland suburb of Pakuranga, 16kms from the city centre and 25kms from Auckland International Airport. Auckland is in the North Island of New Zealand and enjoys a temperate climate that allows for year-round outdoor activity.

What kind of school is Saint Kentigern College?

Saint Kentigern College is an independent (private) fee paying secondary school for girls and boys in Years 7-13 (ages 11-18). The College is both a day school and boarding school. In Years 7-10, boys and girls are taught separately whilst in Years 11-13, students are taught in a co-educational setting, preparing them well for tertiary studies and beyond.

Saint Kentigern also has a separate girls’ primary school and boys’ primary school, as well as a preschool, located a short distance away in the suburb of Remuera. There is provision for international students at the primary schools for primary-aged girls and boys who live with a parent/relative domiciled in New Zealand.

Saint Kentigern is well known in New Zealand for the quality of its academic and co-curricular programmes and is generally placed amongst the top performing schools in the country. As a private school, the College attracts some of the very best teaching staff and has the freedom to be innovative, combining the best of traditional methods with the most recent educational research.

The Saint Kentigern schools have their origin in Scotland and have retained many Scottish traditions. Saint Kentigern schools are affiliated to the Presbyterian Church and place a strong emphasis on Christian values as part of daily living. Our Saint Kentigern families represent many denominations and faiths and we are respectful of this but students are required to attend our chapel services.

How many international students are at Saint Kentigern?

We have a relatively small number of students who join us from overseas each year from countries as diverse as Russia, China, Korea, Thailand and the Pacific Islands. The College is very well set up for international students and believe the best experience comes from our international visitors being well integrated with local students.

Does an international student need to be able to speak English?

Yes, there is a requirement for students to have a satisfactory level of competence in both spoken and written English. Students are required to provide evidence of English ability and may be expected to sit an English proficiency test on arrival. Subject choices will be dependent on appropriate English ability levels. There is limited assistance available for ESL students in Years 7 to 10. Students entering Years 11 to 13 are required to have a recent IELTS certificate with an overall band score of 5 or better in the academic module to be able to take on their chosen course of academic studies. Support is available to assist these students. Students entering the Tennis and Golf Academies have a personalised programme of study that includes, where necessary, working towards an internationally accepted Certificate of English competence and, where acceptable academic standards have been achieved, receive the appropriate New Zealand National Qualification.

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When does the school year start?

The school year in New Zealand begins in January and finishes in December.

Saint Kentigern operates a four term year with holidays in April (2 weeks), July (3 weeks) and October (2 weeks). International students are expected to travel home for these holidays unless their parents have made other suitable provision.

When should I send in an application? Is there a closing date?

Whilst we do not have a closing date, we do ask for applications to be received by the end of Term 1 (approximately April) of the year preceding entry. The College academic year begins at the start of a new year at the end of January.

How do I apply?

Saint Kentigern College Online Enrolment Application

Attendance Costs at Saint Kentigern College (International Students)

Applications need to be fully completed in English and accompanied by the following documentation. Following the offer of a place, parents are responsible for ensuring that students have the correct visa to study in New Zealand.

  • A completed, official Application for Enrolment Form
  • A non-refundable application fee of NZ$300
  • A passport style photograph of the student
  • A copy of the student’s passport
  • Photocopy of most recent school report with an official English translation
  • Evidence of English ability (IELTS or International School reports)

All students must have a ‘caregiver’ who is resident in New Zealand, who can take full ‘parental’ responsibility for the student for leave weekends, airport transport, interviews, discipline and care of the student in the event of serious illness or accident.

Following receipt of your application, you and your child will be invited for an interview of about 30 minutes duration in an informal and friendly setting. Interview times are arranged by the College and generally take place during Terms 2 and 3 of the year preceding entry. If you are not in New Zealand, this interview can be arranged by telephone or Skype.

In the event of a successful application, you will receive a written offer of a place at the College for your child. This is usually sent within three weeks of the interview. To secure this place, the enrolment agreement must be signed and returned along with the Acceptance Fee ($1,500 inc GST).

What are the legal requirements?

Once the offer of a place has been made, the conditions of entry into New Zealand, the length of stay, and the purpose of that stay, must be clearly understood by the student's parents. All the legal documentation that is required is totally the responsibility of the applicant's parents. Saint Kentigern will require evidence that the conditions of entry to New Zealand have been met before the student can begin his/her schooling.

To apply for a Student Visa, the Immigration Service requires evidence that a letter of offer from a New Zealand school has been made, along with a receipt showing that full fees for one year have been paid in advance. The Immigration Service also requires a written guarantee of accommodation (in the case of Saint Kentigern, this will be a place in the boarding house), and evidence of medical and travel insurance. International students are required to obtain the appropriate study visa or permit in order to live and study in New Zealand.

Further information and application forms may be obtained from New Zealand Immigration or by contacting the nearest New Zealand Embassy or High Commission in your region.

Enrolment period

Students can only be enrolled for one calendar year at a time. At the end of each year, the position will be reviewed and providing progress is satisfactory, the student will be offered the chance to continue with his/her studies the following year. Every effort is made to ensure that the student has the course desired for further study unless poor performance or difficulty in English means this is not possible.

What are the fee payment arrangements?

Annual tuition and boarding fees are billed in October of the year prior to entry and are payable in one sum by 30th November. Fees are to be paid by this date so that a receipt can be sent to the family in time to arrange a student visa. This receipt is required as proof of a place in a New Zealand school before a student visa can be issued.

Are international students required to wear a uniform?

Yes, all Saint Kentigern students wear a uniform and most are very proud to wear the ‘blue and white’ of Saint Kentigern. There is a compulsory summer and winter uniform with a range of optional items. All uniform items are available for purchase from Mungo’s Uniform Shop onsite on the College campus. International students will be fitted with their uniform during their orientation.

What is the accommodation like?

Most of our international students board at Bruce House, the small and friendly boarding house for boys and girls on campus. Parents can be assured that their children will receive the very best care and attention.

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Do international students have to board?

We find that most of our international students enjoy the experience of staying in the boarding house and benefit enormously from the company of many other young people who are living away from home. However, international students may live with their parents if they are domiciled in New Zealand for the full school year. Alternatively, the parents of an international student may designate a relative or close family friend to provide accommodation for the student. (Subject to oversight by the College under the terms of the Code of Practice).