The children have the opportunity to participate in co-curricular experiences throughout the week.


The week begins with French Lessons with Madame duCros, a very experienced Boys’ School French Teacher. Each lesson is a time for the children to practise and build on their emerging French vocabulary through song, conversation, and hands-on activities.

Performing Arts

Mid-week sees the much-anticipated arrival of ‘Teacher Sarah,’ a Performing Arts Specialist. The children dance and move with their friends to a wide repertoire of music. The children love this as it fosters their abilities to express themselves through dance and music.


Playball is a fantastic way to end the week for every child. Coach Phil and Maria build positive relationships with the children through a series of fun games. Joining them in to throwing and, catching which enhances their spatial awareness skills.  These activities can lay the foundation for a love of sport in a positive and child friendly way.