At Saint Kentigern, your child can expect the very best education taught by dedicated educators who assist students of all abilities to achieve personal academic success.

Parallel Education

Saint Kentigern is noted for its innovative ‘parallel education’ structure that offers the best of both worlds to students during their College years. In recognition that boys and girls learn differently in their early teens, and often achieve better outcomes in single-gender classrooms, our boys and girls in Years 7-10 are taught separately for all core curriculum subjects. This model allows these younger students to learn in an environment best suited to their different development needs during those crucial, early teenage years. 

Following their Middle School years, students enter the Senior School (Years 11-13), where our young men and women work together in a co-educational setting, developing teamwork and collaborative skills.


We have high expectations of all our students and we are proud to be placed, year after year, amongst the top performing academic schools in New Zealand.

All students in Year 11 undertake NCEA Level 1 qualifications. At the end of Year 11, Saint Kentigern offers senior students a choice of academic pathways. As an IB World School, our students in Years 12 and 13 can elect to either study towards an International Baccalaureate Diploma or the New Zealand qualification, NCEA (National Certificate of Educational Achievement). Whichever qualification a student chooses, you can be assured they will be very well prepared for life beyond the College.

The College offers a broad range of subjects that prepare students well for tertiary education and beyond. Our students are not short of choices as they enter their Senior School years and they are well prepared to command advantageous places at top universities in both New Zealand and overseas.

Our commitment to the academic success of each student is clear; the best teaching staff, specialised learning environments and ‘a world of opportunity’ in our academic and co-curricular programmes to prepare our young men and women for the future.


College Course Handbook 2024

The Saint Kentigern College Course Handbook provides an enormous amount of detailed information about the core curriculum and the range of optional subject choices available at each Year level of the College.