The Girls’ School is fortunate to have a light and airy art studio where the visual arts, balanced with an appreciation of art history, is taught.

The studio is large enough to hold an extensive library of art books for reference and is well resourced with posters of major art works to help our girls understand the history and techniques of many different mediums. 

The School is also fortunate to have its own kiln for firing clay, making three-dimensional art work immediate and viable for all students from juniors to seniors.

Visual Arts is taught by the classroom teacher in Junior School and by a specialist teacher in the Middle and Senior School. Learning in the Visual Arts is spiral in nature and builds on previous knowledge; making connections with and extending skills and understanding. 


Visual Arts Academy

The Academy provides a quality art programme outside of school hours. After school lessons and holiday programmes are open for all students from Year 2-8. Information regarding these programmes are sourced through the School Art department.

Examples of student art work are displayed with pride around the school environment with an art exhibition taking place biannually. Visits to art galleries and special exhibitions are an integral part of the programme.