The College recognises that our student population is a diverse group and that some students may require personalised provision to meet their specific needs. 


The Enhanced Learning Centre provides a well established system of support for all learners whether they require individual tutoring for specific learning needs or extension through our gifted and talented programme. The Centre takes responsibility for co-ordinating the individualised, educational needs of these selected students.

All students referred to the Enhanced Learning Centre by their class teachers are assessed to determine their learning needs. The result of this assessment is discussed with their parents, tutor and classroom teachers and is used to determine appropriate enhancement and levels of support.


Gifted and Talented

The College provides opportunities for selected students to participate in programmes that promote academic rigour and creativity within a supportive and engaging learning environment both inside and beyond the classroom.

These enrichment programmes lead to higher levels of understanding, broadening the student’s knowledge and accelerate their learning in key concept areas. 

The provision for gifted and talented students addresses the needs of our gifted and talented students aiming to challenge, enthuse and extend highly intelligent students allowing for independent differentiation within the curriculum. 

The Identification of our gifted students is inclusive and on-going using a multi-method approach. The College defines gifted as encompassing many areas of learning including intellectual, physical, creative, spiritual and leadership domains.

A range of ‘beyond the classroom’ gifted projects are offered to enhance the learning experiences of gifted students. Strong links have been formed with the Brain Centre to provide high achieving students the opportunity to expand their horizons in the scientific field. Critical thinking and creative abilities are extended by selected students participating in conferences such as the Gifted and Talented Student conference and TEDx.

Creative students are provided enrichment opportunities through workshops with visiting writers and artists. Gifted and Talented students are provided opportunities to showcase their work and are celebrated College wide during Gifted Awareness Week each year.


Learning Support

The College actively targets the specific educational needs of individual students and our teachers continually assess their performance.

When students require more specialised teaching programmes for their particular learning needs, they are referred to our Enhanced Learning Centre and an appropriate, monitored support action is determined.

Assistance varies according to need and help may be prescribed by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or referral to an outside agency.

Future Problem Solving - Year 7 and 8 

Regarded as one of the eight most appropriate programmes for extending Gifted and Talented students, Future Problem Solving is a challenging team activity requiring a high level of abstract reasoning and thinking. We are offering both a competitive and non-competitive programme in 2013 where Year 7 and 8 students work through a problem solving process to create positive solutions to global issues such as Climate Change, Living in Space, Megacities and the Culture of Celebrity. 

Centre for Brain Research - Year 10

A strong relationship has been developed between the College and the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland. Selected Year 10 students have the opportunity to visit a neuroscience laboratory and learning library each year and interact with people involved in the laboratory and anatomy/pathology teaching facilities.  The following year this group will have the opportunity to be part of Brain Day and the New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge; a competition held annually for year 11 students. The aim is to continue to enrich Gifted Science students as they progress through school and beyond.

Creative Enrichment Programme - Year 7 to Year 13

In the Art Department, a Creative Enrichment Programme is underway to enrich and extend talented Art and Technology and Spatial Design students. They will have the opportunity to work with, and be mentored by, creative working professionals who will be residing in the Jack Paine Centre throughout the year. Students will benefit from working closely with ‘real’ world creative professionals by incorporating established practise into their own creative process.

In term one we have a renowned artist coming to work with students collaboratively in drawing and printmaking. Watch this space!

Theology Enrichment Opportunity - Year 13

Year 13 students will have the opportunity to enrol in a first year University level theology paper at the University of Otago. This will give them a head start on their degree, develop their critical thinking skills and gain a greater understanding of the wider aspects of Christian Education.

From 2013, selected students will enrol in CHTX 102 the History of Christianity. It traces the development of Christianity through the middle ages, including the Crusades into a modern context. Students will study through distance learning and partake in audio conferences.