New Boys' School Senior Classrooms and Specialist Facilities

Highlights of our new Boys’ School Senior Classrooms:

Designed for the specialist nature of teaching and learning in the Senior School years, the new building features 12 general teaching classrooms for use by our Year 7 and 8 students. These are bright and airy rooms spread across two floors with a light-filled atrium and a ‘social staircase’ connecting the two. The staircase doubles as access between floors and a lecture-style teaching space. 

Alongside the classrooms there are breakout spaces for collaborative work, as well as workrooms for staff and plenty of storage for resources.

The new staffroom will be located on the ground floor of this building.

Highlights of the new Specialist Facilities building

Shared by both the new Girls’ School and Boys’ School, but timetabled for separate use, the new Specialist Facilities building are amazing! Designed to provide a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, taught by specialist teachers, our boys will benefit from facilities that will deepen their understanding of the world through scientific investigation, along with opportunities to enhance their creativity through art and the design process.

As well as plenty of break out spaces and storage for resources, the Specialist Facilities building features superb, dedicated teaching and learning spaces for variety of specialist subjects: 

  • 3 Science labs, plus Hard and Soft Materials classrooms 
  • 2 dedicated Design classrooms and 3 Art studios
  • 3 Music spaces plus 3 Music Practice rooms
  • A dedicated Dance and Drama suite
  • A Food Technology classroom