In keeping with the Saint Kentigern Mission Statement: ‘ provide education which inspires students to strive for excellence in all areas of life for the glory of God and the service of others,’ there are several opportunities during the course of the year when students may provide assistance to those less fortunate than our own families.


The presence of the Sharing Shed on campus is a constant visual reminder about the centrality of our values programme and the importance that ‘service to others’ holds within our Mission Statement. Our school has formed a special bond with the Te Waipuna Puawai Trust.

Families are encouraged to use this facility to donate used clothing and household goods which the Trust uses to resource families in their care.

The bond between our School and the Trust has grown over a number of years and they are truly grateful for our support.

As our students progress through their Saint Kentigern schooling, service opportunities at both school and community level abound.

Students are encouraged to become involved with projects such as World Vision’s 20 or 40 Hour Famine, Sponsor a Child and Guide Dogs for the Blind; to contribute to food, shoe, clothing and book banks; to understand the purpose and end result of Chapel offerings; and to understand the significance of the Sharing Shed and the community links it forges.

The School Council, comprising of representatives from Years 3 – 8, drives many of the initiatives in the school and they encourage our boys to support causes in our community that they feel will benefit from our contributions.

Service does not always have to be about big issues; it can be acts of kindness, consideration and compassion in the classroom, in the playground, on the sports field, or at home.

It is these little acts of service encouraged at an early age that build a foundation for moral reasoning later in life.

Service learning allows students to discover ‘their best selves’ and develop lifelong habits.

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Saint Kentigern Service Award

The Saint Kentigern Service Award is available to students in Years 7 and 8. The Award encourages and acknowledges the boys at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School as they engage in acts of service at school, at home and in the community. The Award comprises of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each boy who undertakes the Service Award is responsible for recording his progress in a Service Portfolio, which he maintains under the guidance of the Chaplain.

To stay faithful to our Mission Statement, we will continue to provide opportunities for pupils to put service into action; for service to become an intrinsic part of every Saint Kentigern students’ outlook on life - to live The Saint Kentigern Way.

The Miromiro badge

A badge in the shape of the larger Miromiro bird was made following the dedication of the sculpture Ngā Manu o Tāne and is presented to all Year 8 students at a special assembly in Term 1 along with the Miromiro creed. 

The creed underscores the School’s values and the special role of senior boys as leaders and protectors of the younger students. 

The assembly ends with the Kapa Haka group facing the Year 8 students and delivering a Haka, which challenges the leaders to stand firm in their responsibilities.

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Miromiro Creed

I will strive to fly like a miromiro in the sight of Tāne
To fly compassionately with God’s Love in my heart
To fly strongly with Respect in my character
To fly straight with Integrity as my back bone
To fly in Service, offering my younger brothers my hand
To soar to new heights with standards of Excellence
To go everywhere in Confidence and Humility

Fides Servanda Est