All international student boarders at Saint Kentigern College will need a person in the Auckland region designated as a ‘caregiver’ who will act on behalf of the parents while the student is enrolled at the College. 

Where a student is in the boarding house, the designated caregiver is expected to: take an active interest in the life of the student; to make leave and accommodation arrangements on mid-term breaks and Saturday overnight leave where approved by the parents and the College; to be able to assist with any emergency arrangements; and to assist with transport to and from the airport when required. Students are expected to return home for calendared school holidays.

The College also welcomes students who wish to live with a close family friend or relative who has been selected by the parents, subject to approval by the College. This person will be deemed the designated caregiver and provider of accommodation whilst the student is studying at the College. 


We strongly encourage active participation by the caregivers in day-to-day activities, parent teacher interviews, and establishing good support networks with our pastoral team at the College. 

In some cases the College may be asked to arrange a caregiver for a student.

This is for boarding students who do not have a friend or family living in Auckland and is a person who can be an advocate for them. Preference will be to appoint caregivers who are part of the Saint Kentigern community. Where possible, the caregiver will personally meet the parents of the international student before the appointment is made. Please notify the College if assistance is required.