Preschooler’s Find Confidence Through Visual Art

March 27, 2024 at 4:50 PM

This term at the Preschool we have been looking into strategies on how we can support the children to become empowered learners brimming with confidence and self-belief. This came about when we observed them feeling a bit hesitant on how to start a task and saying: “I can’t do it!” We began by getting the children to draw a heart map, portraying people, places and things that they considered important and of significance to them. The level of detail that went into their work was unbelievable and it was amazing seeing the children taking their time to think about what matters to them and portraying that in a visual form.

There is also a story we have been revisiting entitled ‘The Dot’. Written by Peter Reynolds, ‘The Dot’ is about making a mark on a piece of paper to see where it leads, and from that confidence, self-discovery, and creativity are nourished. Feeling inspired, the children have been drawing anything that comes to mind, first using pencils and fine-point pens, then adding colour to their work with water colours and colouring pencils. The students have also been using natural materials as a way of expressing themselves and making the most of the open-ended opportunities to change their ideas midway.

In our hui times, children have participated in many experiences, building on their confidence to speak in front of their peers and appreciating each other’s uniqueness. It has been wonderful hearing their replies and encouraging them to give compliments to nourish their friends’ self-esteem and to think of others. Now, we are seeing a sense of belonging and confidence flourish as a result of these practices.

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