The Master Plan will ensure we have the right facilities to meet our aspirations, mapping out the vision for making the best use of our considerable physical resources while staying true to the Saint Kentigern values we all share.

Below you will find the most up to date information regarding the Master Plan.

  18 December 2023


Pakuranga Campus Master Plan Development Update

With the completion of the Pakuranga Campus master plan process and the financial planning well advanced, the Trust Board will soon be commencing the staged redevelopment of the campus. 

Two key buildings have been identified as priorities for the College – a general classroom building and a performing and creative arts centre. 

The general new classroom building is a significant facility designed for our Year 12 and 13 students. It is currently anticipated to include a combination of both formal and informal learning spaces, socialising areas, new student commons, gathering spaces for year groups and House groups, and tutor group rooms. The new development will be located on the site of the Wingate block and Goodfellow Centre building. 

This new facility will provide the best learning environment to support the latest pedagogical thinking and focus on student learning. It will be designed to facilitate engagement and guide students through their transition from College to higher learning pathways.

Key consultants are currently being appointed and concept design work is due to commence in early 2024. Pending progress throughout 2024, acquisition of the necessary statutory consents and successful tender outcome, construction work could commence sometime in the first or second quarter of 2025, with indicative completion and occupation sometime in mid-2027.

The second key development for the College is a cutting-edge performing and creative arts centre designed to serve as a purpose-built environment for artistic expressions. This facility will support the academic curriculum and co-curricular activities, enriching students' creative pursuits in both realms.

Development of the performing and creative arts centre is currently envisaged to commence construction as soon as practicable after the successful delivery and occupation of the initial general classroom building development. 

The redevelopment of our Shore Road campus which included a new Senior Boys’ School block, a shared Specialist Facilities, a brand-new Girls’ School and a Preschool, was successfully completed within five years. The Trust Board is confident it is well placed to ensure that the new building activities at the Pakuranga Campus are well planned and executed, with staff and students’ safety in mind, to minimise impact on the College operations. 

More updates will follow in 2024 regarding these new exciting new developments.

July 2023

Saint Kentigern’s Award-Winning Learning Spaces

At the 2023 Auckland region Te Kāhui Whaihanga NZ Institute of Architects Awards held on 8 June, fifty-seven architectural-project winners spanning twelve categories were recognised for their visionary designs. We are delighted that two of our learning facilities in Remuera, the Girls’ School and the Boys’ School Macky Senior School and Specialist Facilities building, both delivered in partnership with Architectus, were winners in the Education category.

These new buildings form the cornerstone of Saint Kentigern’s Shore Road campus redevelopment along with our new Preschool facility.

The five-level Girls’ School provides an open and friendly layout that fosters connection and encourages collaboration, providing an inspiring environment for the girls to explore and learn. The school has nineteen classrooms with each syndicate having a dedicated floor and library, linked by a multipurpose atrium. The well-appointed classrooms open into collaborative learning spaces and include dedicated music rooms and an art studio.

The Boys’ School Macky Senior School features three levels of spacious, technology-rich and flexible learning areas with twelve classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, and a wide atrium staircase that doubles as access between floors and seating steps which can be used socially or for teaching, group gatherings, or class presentations.

The Specialist Facilities which share the same building as the Macky Senior School is our Shore Road campus’s shared centre of excellence. It is home to our Food Technology, Dance and Drama, Hard and Soft Materials, Music, and Design rooms, Science labs, and Art studios. Each floor offers breakout and presentation spaces in addition to specialist classrooms.

We would like to congratulate and thank the team at Architectus for their invaluable partnership in bringing our vision to life through the creation of inspiring spaces for learning and discovery, and a world-class learning environment that supports the growth and development of our students.

March 2023

Pakuranga Campus Master Plan Review Underway

The Pakuranga Campus Master Plan review and refresh is progressing well. A range of stakeholder groups including current students participated in the most recent co-design workshops led by our architect Mclldowie Partners. The focus of the co-design workshops was to share thinking and viewpoints on the future of learning and how the campus environment can best support this aspiration. 

We currently remain on track for completion of the review by mid-2023.


February 2023

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11 February 2020


During 2018, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the Master Plan for significant development of new, purpose-built facilities, and enhancement of current facilities, on the Shore Road Campus and Pakuranga Campus.

This is part of a series of regular Project Updates to keep you informed of our progress.

The Master Plan for the Shore Road Campus provides for substantial investment in new specialist facilities to enhance teaching and learning. The initial phase is focused on advancing the construction of a brand-new Girls’ School at the lower end of the campus, and building a new, shared Specialist Facility with adjoining new Senior School boys’ classrooms. This will be followed by the construction of a new Preschool, an extension to the Boys’ Junior School building and the refurbishment of the current Senior School boys’ classrooms for the Middle School boys.

Whilst 2019 was a busy period of careful planning, review and enabling works to get these two very significant projects underway, there is no doubt that 2020 heralds the start of a very exciting building phase on the Shore Road campus!

In the latter part of 2019, we were pleased that resource consents were granted for both the new Girls’ School building and the Specialist Facilities/Senior School boys’ classrooms building, enabling each to advance to construction.

Enabling Works
The enabling works commenced in September 2019 were completed on schedule in December with:

● The main Shore Road Gate 1 entrance widened for 2-way traffic, the driveway widened, road markings painted and kerbing completed. Traffic now enters and leaves the campus via Gate 1, with the original exit, Gate 2, now reserved for emergency services only. This will ensure that vehicle movement in the heart of the campus is kept to an absolute minimum.

● Six relocatable classrooms, to create temporary teaching spaces during the construction phase, are now fully operational with wifi, security, air conditioning units, whiteboards, wall cabinetry and furnishings installed, along with access pathways and stairs all completed for the start of term. A new toilet block has also been installed to service these classrooms. The boys moved into their new classrooms at the start of term – all part of a new adventure as the campus undergoes a massive transformation!

Specialist Facilities/Senior Boys’ Classrooms
At the end of the school year in December 2019, Aspec took control of the construction site, erecting safety hoardings to fully enclose the construction zone, stretching from the upper field to the Gate 2 driveway. All construction site staff and associated vehicles have controlled access through Gate 3 only, leading directly into the enclosed site.

During January, trees were removed and demolition of the staffroom, bank seating, Middle School and the old Library building were completed, levelling the site ready for the construction phase. Whilst part of the Boys’ School has been consigned to history, the resultant building platform clears the way for the start of a new era, with the promise of outstanding teaching and learning facilities to come! Practical completion for this building is on track for the end of September 2021, with occupation on schedule for Term 1, 2022.

The hoardings around the site are currently painted white but those along Shore Road will be allocated for signage, whilst plans are underway for those within the campus to be decorated by the boys.

During the demolition, all required furniture and fittings were salvaged for use in the relocatable classrooms with excess items donated to All Heart NZ for redistribution to community groups and organisations in need. Meanwhile, the dismantled Junior School and Middle School playgrounds will be loaded into a container for shipping to the Pacific Islands.

With the former staffroom now gone, facilities for staff will be split between the Gatehouse building adjacent to Gate 1 and the Function Room in the Jubilee Sports Centre, until the new staffroom is complete in the new building.

New Girls’ School building
Obtaining all the necessary consent approvals took a little longer than anticipated for the new Girls’ School building, to be built at the lower end of the Shore Road campus adjacent to Gate 5. We were absolutely delighted when the resource consent approval was granted just prior to Christmas, allowing us to move to the next phase. The project is currently being tendered, with a closing date of mid-February. It is anticipated that construction activities will be underway in March.

As plans begin to take shape for the new school, Girls’ School staff have had the opportunity to use virtual reality headsets to ‘walk through’ the proposed school, to give feedback to the architects. Ms Small said, ‘The difference between what you see on the paper plans, compared to the experience of virtually walking through the environment, has had huge advantages in optimising our new learning environments. Our staff were incredibly energised by this experience and the opportunity new technology afforded them to make specific changes. These are exciting times as we plan our new school!’

New Preschool
The Business Plan for a new Preschool will go to the February Trust Board meeting for review/approval. Once the Business Plan has been approved and the Board has made clear decisions about the size and function of the Preschool, then we will be progressing the initial location and design.

A consultant team will be engaged during April, with a resource consent application likely to be lodged in the third or fourth quarter of this year. Construction is anticipated to commence in late 2021, with occupation currently targeted for February 2023.

The internal refurbishment of the Chapel is now complete and ready for students to attend services this term. There is some work yet to complete with the planned addition of a toilet at the rear entrance of the Chapel. An official opening of the Chapel will take place in March. Look out for an article in the next Piper with the history of the Chapel and the background to the refurbishment work.

With the return of the boarders to Bruce House at the start of term, the youngest male boarders, who are housed in the Bruce House Quad, were delighted to discover that their ablution and showering facilities have had a makeover! With the bathrooms having originally been installed in 1959, the latest makeover was well-received by the boys!

To facilitate future campus development, four relocatable classrooms have been installed, with two placed in the vicinity of the Jack Paine Centre and a further two near the Science Block. With the return of the students, these are now in full use.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please send an email to

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December 2019

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13 August 2019


Master Plan Phase 1 Developments

During 2018, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the Master Plan for significant development of new, purpose-built facilities, and enhancement of current facilities, on the Shore Road Campus and Pakuranga Campus.

This is the third in a series of regular Project Updates to keep you informed of progress as the projects get underway.


Following our last update in April, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the sale of the current site of our Girls’ School and Preschool on Remuera Road to the Auckland Hebrew Congregation.
We are particularly delighted that another faith-based organisation has purchased the property and that they are planning to use part of the campus as an educational facility, which sits very well with the heritage of the site.

Pleasingly, this outcome provides for continued uninterrupted use of the Remuera Road campus by our Girls’ School and Preschool until they are ready to move to their new facilities at Shore Road when the new buildings are complete.


Much needed renovation and upgrade work to the both the interior and exterior of the iconic Chapel of Saint Kentigern is on track to commence in Term 4, 2019, ready to welcome students again at the start of the 2020 academic year.

Bruce House
The Trust Board has approved a staged plan for upgrading the existing Bruce House Boys’ Boarding facility.  Work for the upgrading of the Bruce House boys’ boarding facility has been planned in such a way as to ensure there will be no disruption to the students’ studying and living arrangements.

New Specialist Building (Pakuranga Campus Map Reference 1)
The first of the new buildings arising from the Master Plan is the addition of a new science and general classroom building to be located between the current Science Centre and the Jack Paine Art and Technology Centre. This will provide a further 11 teaching spaces to allow for the growing focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) subjects. Initial planning will begin next year followed by design and consenting. Construction is currently envisaged to commence in 2022 with completion in late 2023, ahead of occupation and use from Term 1 2024.

New Performing Arts Centre (Pakuranga Campus Map Reference 3)
In the long-term plan, a new specialist performance facility is planned for the area between the main carpark and the Sports Centre. As well as provision for staging outstanding dance, drama and musical productions, the building will also house four classrooms for specialist drama teaching. It is envisaged that this development will follow completion of the new Specialist Building.

The Wingate Block (Pakuranga Campus Map Reference 2 and 5)
Longer term, the current Macky Block and Wingate Block will be demolished to make way for a large teaching block of 20 classrooms in one block and a another 26 in a further development. These buildings will cover the area that once housed the original Reception, Senior Management and Administration offices, and the former staffroom. This will house a Senior School Learning Commons, Commerce, Maths, Languages and Christian Education as well as Mungo’s Uniform Shop. Work is anticipated to start in 2028.

A link to the map of the proposed, concept Master Plan for the Pakuranga Campus can be found at the bottom of this page.


In our last update, and in the most recent Piper, we shared the preliminary design images of the two new buildings - the new Specialist Facilities and Boys’ Senior School Building, and the new Girls’ School. They are both impressive, contemporary designs that will make striking additions to the campus. Feedback from our community on the initial look has been very favourable.

Since then, design work has further progressed to look at potential floor plans which is generating both earnest discussion and excitement as ‘wish lists’ begin to take shape. Both Mr Peter Cassie, Boys’ School Principal and Ms Juliet Small, Girls’ School Principal are pleased with the progress to date as they lead discussions with their staff to ensure the new facilities offer the very best outcome for teaching and learning. Both Principals have reiterated that ‘boys need to be educated as boys’ and ‘girls need to be educated as girls,’ ensuring that each school will be maintained as a distinct entity.

Like the exterior to the buildings, the interiors  will have some very striking features – the most notable is that both buildings feature distinctive atriums with large, wide staircases that double as access between floors and seating steps that can be used both socially and as an auditorium for teaching, group gatherings or class presentations.

In our next update, we look forward to sharing more information about the internal configuration, including detailed images. 

Enabling Works on Shore Road Campus
With construction currently anticipated to begin in earnest at the start of 2020, some ‘enabling projects’ are scheduled for later this year. This will include reconfiguring the Gate 1 entrance and driveway to provide both access and egress, with all traffic required to only turn left in and left out of this gate. The Gate 2 exit will remain as an exit only for the immediate future, with the long-term plan to turn this stretch of driveway within the school grounds into a pedestrian precinct.  Our aim is to minimise traffic flow through the campus to ensure the safety of our students.

Six temporary, relocatable classrooms will be moved onsite to facilitate the period of construction. Once work gets underway, the old library building, the current staffroom and the Middle School classrooms in between will be demolished to make way for the Senior Boys’ Classroom and Specialist Facility.  To allow for the resultant shortfall of teaching space, three temporary relocatable classrooms for Middle School boys will be located on Roselle Lawn, along with a toilet block. These will have play spaces and a walkway back to the Expressway. Another Middle School relocatable will be placed adjacent to the current relocatable classrooms at the edge of the field, whilst two further temporary classrooms for the Senior School will be placed across the driveway to the side of Roselle House.

Over the Christmas break, it is currently anticipated that hoardings will be erected around the entire construction site encompassing both sites for the new buildings and half of the playing field. The construction site will have its own vehicle access via Gate 3 and all construction traffic will be restricted to this area.

Saint Kentigern is very fortunate to have unrestricted access to the Martyn Wilson fields across from the lower end of the campus. Discussions are currently underway with the Council over the use of Bloodworth Park for rugby and cricket.

A link to the map showing the location of the enabling works can be found at the bottom of this page.

Traffic Management around the Shore Road Campus during construction
We would like to assure our families that as part of the planning work, a great deal of specialist insight has been sought, in conjunction with the Schools’ operational management, to best manage traffic activity during the proposed construction period. Of foremost consideration is the safety of all our students at all times.

During construction, all trade vehicles will be restricted to the enclosed building site to allow for continued ease of access to the campus by both our families and staff. The School will make available a large portion of the upper sports field to the successful contractor for the duration of construction activities.

The new two-way access/egress through Gate 1 (to come into effect in Term 1, 2020) will increase the ease of access into and out of the campus.

Student travel to and from school
The Pakuranga Campus has long had an exceedingly efficient bus service that serves their community well, giving large numbers of students quick and easy arrival and departure in a short timeframe at each end of the day. Currently 32% of our Boys’ School students travel to school by bus, a figure we intend to see grow for both the boys and the Girls’ School. Chartered transport is a key component of the proposed strategy for future traffic management and aligns with that of Auckland Transport. We are reviewing the increase of private bus services to the Shore Road campus, having already added a further route from the Eastern Bays at the start of Term 3, that will service both the Boys’ School and the current Girls’ School campus.  A Resource Consent has already been obtained to extend the existing bus bays on Shore Road to allow for a more comprehensive bus service.

The Director of Preschool will be visiting other centres in the coming months with the view to preparing a business case, later this year, for future Preschool facilities. A client brief will then be prepared to inform consultant design work, currently anticipated to commence in 2020.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Phase 1 Projects, please send an email to

Click here to view the map of the proposed concept Master Plan for the Pakuranga Campus

Click here to view the map of the enabling works for the Shore Road Campus


12 April 2019 


Master Plan Phase 1 developments 

During 2018, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the Master Plan for significant development of new, purpose-built facilities, and enhancement of current facilities, on the Shore Road Campus and Pakuranga Campus. 

This is the second in a series of regular Project Updates to keep you informed of progress as the projects get underway. 


Preliminary Indicative Design
In our first project update, mailed earlier in the year, we outlined the work that had taken place during the course of 2018, centred on developing conceptual designs for the new Girls’ School and Specialist Facilities and Boys’ Senior School building. Since they were reviewed and approved by the Trust Board in December, work moved on in the early part of this year to the next stage in the process, the ‘Preliminary Design’ - work that was completed during March. 

We are delighted to now share the preliminary, indicative images of how these new facilities may look!


From the outset, the Trust Board has been quite clear that they are 100% committed to maintaining single gender education for our two primary schools; a vision that is strongly supported by Boys’ School Principal, Mr Peter Cassie and Girls’ School Principal, Ms Juliet Small. Each school will be maintained as a distinct entity with its own Principal, staff, curriculum and ethos, ensuring that the facilities meet the different educational needs of both boys and girls. Operationally and pastorally, each school will remain distinct and separate. The Master Plan for Shore Road is focused on meeting the changing needs of all our primary students, ensuring that both our boys and girls will benefit from new, world class teaching facilities. 

The New Girls’ School
As can be seen in the preliminary design images, the new Girls’ School will be striking, taking advantage of the sloping site to create a completely unique, multi-level, terraced school with its own distinct entrance and presence on Shore Road. 

The purpose-built, 19-classroom school will include a new integrated library and learning commons, with associated outdoor recreational and sporting areas for the girls, creating an outstanding environment focused on girls’ teaching and learning. 

Girls’ School Principal, Ms Juliet Small is excited by the future, ‘It’s a rare opportunity for a Principal to lead the planning of a new school and I’m relishing every minute of it. In preparing the briefs for the architects, we took many opportunities to explore best teaching practice in both our own and other schools to ensure the final design would enhance the very best in future-focussed teaching and learning exclusively for girls. The preliminary designs indicate that our new school will be a welcoming, contemporary environment encouraging connectedness, collaboration and shared experiences. Our girls ‘were born to fly,’ I am so proud to be part of helping them achieve this!’ 

The new Specialist Facilities and Boys’ Senior School Building
Housed in one building but with a distinct separation between the two areas, the preliminary indicative images show an exciting new addition for Saint Kentigern. Spanning the area from the original Boys’ School library to the site of the current staffroom, the impressive new building will be built above and down the bank, facing out onto the upper field, juxtaposed to the Jubilee Sports Centre. 

The Boys’ Senior School Classrooms
Catering for the specific needs of our boys in Years 7 &8, the 12 new Senior Boys’ classrooms and collaborative spaces will not only provide a purpose-built facility for our senior boys, but it will also release the current Senior School building to be refurbished for the Middle School. 

Boys’ School Principal, Mr Peter Cassie said, ‘I am delighted to see our ideas for a new Senior School come to shape. We know we have true strength in our teaching and learning at the Boys’ School, but current facilities are no longer keeping pace. The new technology rich, flexible teaching and learning spaces being developed for our senior boys will allow for greater specialisation as we prepare them to make the important transition to their college years.’

‘But equally as exciting will be the refurbishment of the current Senior School classrooms to breathe new life into the Middle School. The growth in roll in Years 4-6 has meant the Middle School classrooms have been spread across the campus in recent years.  Moving them to the current Senior School, once refurbished, will bring the entire Middle School into one location, allowing for greater collaboration for both students and staff within the syndicate, for the sharing of ideas and resources.’ 

‘As a Principal, I’m truly excited and grateful for the upgrade of facilities that will allow us to do what we do best, even better – deliver an outstanding teaching and learning programme where ‘every boy matters!’ 

Specialist Facilities
Whilst innovative at the time of their construction, the original specialist facilities at the Boys’ School have become outdated and no longer meet the needs of a changing school curriculum. The new Specialist Facilities provide significant new amenities for both our boys and our girls. All Specialist classes will be timetabled for access by both primary schools at separate times to maintain the integrity of Saint Kentigern’s single-gender teaching philosophy at primary level. The building will be linked to the new Girls’ School by a covered walkway, with a separate entrance for the girls. 

Mr Cassie and Ms Small concur that the economy of building one set of facilities for use by both schools means even greater things can be achieved. Mr Cassie said, ‘This will be a centre of excellence for scientific, artistic (visual and performance), technology (food, hard and soft materials) study and learning, where design, creativity, confidence, and scientific and critical thinking will be explored, encouraged and developed. Currently, both Saint Kentigern primary schools have well-developed programmes in these areas but bringing all specialist areas into new facilities under one roof will serve to allow each school to significantly enhance their offerings for each programme.’ 

Shore Road facilities available for timetabled access by both schools
To maximise the use of Saint Kentigern resources for the good of all our primary school students, in addition to the Specialist Facilities, careful timetabling will ensure each of the two schools has the benefit of separate and equitable access to the Sports Centre, turf, fields and the swimming pool.

Time Line
We are aiming for completion of the Girls’ School, Senior Boys’ classrooms and shared specialist classrooms by the start of Term 1, 2022. Over the coming months, Principals of both Primary Schools will be seeking input from the community on a range of aspects of the new facilities and look forward to your contributions. 

Pakuranga Campus and Preschool
Further information regarding progress on planned projects at the Pakuranga Campus and plans for a new Preschool on the Shore Road campus will be detailed in future updates.

Stage 1 of the building programme at the Pakuranga Campus – a proposed specialist and general classrooms building - has been slightly delayed during the appointment of the new College Principal, Mr Russell Brooke. Planning will resume after his arrival in March.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Phase 1 Projects, please send an email to


Have you seen the Girls' School video?

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Have you seen the Boys' School video?

Click here to see 'Every boy matters'


11 February 2019


During 2018, the Trust Board was pleased to confirm the Master Plan for significant development of new, purpose-built facilities, and enhancement of current facilities, on the Shore Road Campus and Pakuranga Campus. 

This is the first in a series of regular Project Updates to keep you informed of progress as the projects get underway.

Shore Road Campus 

The Master Plan for the Shore Road Campus provides for substantial investment in new and specialist facilities to enhance teaching and learning. The initial phase is focussed on advancing the construction of a brand-new Girls’ School at the lower end of the campus (gate 5); building a new shared, specialist facility; and a new building for Senior School boys’ classrooms. This will be followed by an extension to the Boys’ Junior School building, the refurbishment of the current Senior School boys’ classrooms for the Middle School boys and the construction of a new purpose-built Preschool. 

Following a careful selection process, the ‘client briefs’ for Phase 1 of the project were provided to leading Auckland architectural firm, Architectus, in late September 2018. The briefs were developed through a collaborative process, involving students, key Girls’ School, Boys’ School and Trust Services’ staff, and Parent Evenings for both Schools. 

The briefing documents, along with the approved Concept Master Plan, were the basis for the initial concept design work led by Architectus. The conceptual designs were reviewed and approved by the Trust Board in December and the next stage of design work, ‘Preliminary Design,’ has commenced. 

The new facilities are being designed to meet the educational needs of both current and future students of both the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School. Each new building has a distinct focus: 

  • The new Senior School boys’ classrooms will cater for greater specialisation and the important transition between primary and secondary to prepare the boys for the next phase of their learning journey
  • The design of the Specialist classrooms’ facilities, which will be available to both Schools on a time-tabled basis, will foster creativity and innovation, and will provide outstanding facilities for both performing and visual arts, science and technology learning.
  • The new Girls’ School building takes its cue from both local and international innovative learning spaces but will maintain the intimacy (connectedness) that our community values so highly at the Remuera Road Campus.

The site plan provides a reminder of the location of the new buildings, along with the proposed new Preschool. Preliminary Design is anticipated to be completed by March 2019 and will be followed by the Developed Design phase of the project. Once Preliminary Design is completed, we will be in a better position to share drawings of what these fantastic new facilities are likely to look like. 

We are aiming for completion of the Girls’ School, Senior Boys’ classrooms and shared specialist classrooms by the start of Term 1, 2022. Some ‘enabling projects’ scheduled for later this year on the Shore Road Campus, which will be done in the holidays to minimise the impact, include widening of the Gate 1 driveway and the addition of six temporary, relocatable classrooms to facilitate planned work. 

Over the coming months, Principals of both Primary Schools will ask for input from their communities on a range of aspects of the new facilities, such as the playground and various other features.

The New Preschool 

The new Preschool to be built at Shore Road is the other component of Phase 1.  Work on this building will commence as the construction of the new Girls’ School, Specialist facilities and Senior School boys’ classrooms reaches completion. This staged plan is aimed to carefully manage the impact of construction activity on the Boys’ School. Accordingly, design work on the new Preschool will commence in 2020 with the target of relocating the existing Preschool for the start of Term 1 2023. 

Sale of the Remuera Road Property 

The Trust Board is also pleased to announce that, following a competitive Request for Proposal late last year, Colliers International has been appointed to market the Remuera Road property (the current site of the Girls’ School and Preschool) for sale. The marketing campaign is scheduled to commence mid-February, with expressions of interest requested from interested parties by late March. This will enable the Trust Board to realise income from this property to help fund the delivery of the new Girls’ School and Specialist buildings at Shore Road. 

The education of our students on the Remuera campus is always the highest priority and the Trust Board will ensure that there will be no disruption to the school day during the sales process. Viewing times will be set outside school hours and there will be no ‘for sale’ billboards erected on the School’s boundaries. The Girls’ School students will remain at the Remuera Campus until they move to the new buildings on the Shore Road campus in 2022. The Preschoolers will remain on the Remuera Road site until the end of 2022.

Pakuranga Campus 

During 2019 and 2020, the Master Plan for the Pakuranga Road Campus will be progressed and more information about that will be available soon. 

If you would like more information about the Phase 1 Project, please send an email to


10 May 2018

A new plan for a strong future built on traditional values

The Saint Kentigern Trust Board is pleased to announce its decision on the master plan for our two Primary schools and the Preschool.

The Board would like to acknowledge the breadth and quality of feedback we have had from our community. We are also grateful for the commitment and input provided by four Reference Groups established across our schools. 

As a result of this input and continuing work by our planning team we are confident that our decision represents a superior outcome for current and future generations of students, while remaining true to Saint Kentigern values.

Key features of the master plan are:

  • A new purpose-built 19-classroom Girls’ School, with a new learning commons, library and recreational areas at a new location above and to the left of the Gate 5 entrance on Shore Road where it will have its own “front door” and distinct presence
  • New purpose-built facilities at the Boys’ School including the construction of 10 new classrooms, new recreational spaces and refurbishment of the current Senior School classrooms for Years 4 – 6 Middle School students
  • A new specialist Arts, Science and Technology block that will be available to both Primary schools on a separate timetabled basis
  • A purpose-built new Preschool located where the existing tennis courts are at the Shore Road campus, with new tennis courts to be created to the west of Roselle House and Lawn.

Planning will now begin on Phase 1 building developments and all aspects of related management; construction is currently anticipated to take place through 2020-2021 with all new facilities completed and ready for occupation in 2022.

For more information on the proposed master plan, please see: