Sales Brisk at Artisan Market!

June 15, 2018 at 10:29 AM

When the bell rang for lunch yesterday, students were quick to head down to the Jack Paine Centre (JPC) for one of the most anticipated culinary events of the year – the annual Artisan Food Market.  Customers know, for a very short period of time, the fare on offer will be exceptional!

In a term when many of the Food Technology practical assignments come to fruition, yesterday’s market was the final stage of more than two months of planning and preparation by the Year 11 Food Technology students to complete their current NCEA Level 1 Achievement Standard.

Following a research phase, which saw them analyse the products sold at markets and specialty stores around Auckland, they conducted feasibility studies to come up with a food item they believed would prove a popular addition to the market place. Once their product was determined, they were required to establish the cost of development and production, refine the recipe to produce a minimum of 20 units, create a food safety plan and nutrition information panel, source packaging and calculate a price.

Students embraced the brief with enthusiasm and many had given up their lunchtimes or come to school early this term to perfect their products in anticipation of today’s opportunity to ‘peddle their wares.’

All their hard work came together at lunchtime as a large number of individual stalls opened for business to showcase their kitchen creations to a willing customer base of students, parents and staff. No two culinary items were the same, so there were many tempting items on offer.

Knowing that we ‘eat with our eyes first,’ much work went into the presentation and the beautifully presented brioches, tarts, cupcakes, cheescakes, cookies and savoury offerings all made mouth-watering temptations – confirmed by a long line of patrons waiting to enter the JPC throughout the lunchtime sales period, some lining up for a second pass, with many vendors selling out well before the bell rang!

Well done, Year 11 for taking on the task with passion!


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