Young Enterprise Award for College Team

October 31, 2014 at 3:58 PM

‘Progressus,’ one of our two Year 11 Young Enterprise companies were delighted to receive award for the 'Start Up Company of the Year' in the Auckland South/East Regional Business Awards at a special event hosted by the Lion Foundation Young Enterprise held at the Villa Maria Estate last night. They are part of a wider group of students from the College who are involved in this scheme as an extra-curricular activity.

The team of five students each had a business role within the company. ‘Managing Director,’ Emma Westbrooke came up with the company's unique mission. Their goal was to make both doctors and patients lives easier by relieving some of the stress young children suffered when waiting for injections and similar procedures in their medical provider’s rooms. Their solution, ‘Don’t Flip Out’comprises packs of brightly decorated, interactive cards based on Kiwi icons and designed to distract, entertain and occupy young  patients. The company designed, manufactured and packaged these sets, including instructions, and marketed them to appropriate medical practioners.

The name ‘Progressus’ was chosen because it translated to success in Latin, which this award demonstrates they achieved. The award was a fine accolade for this younger group competing against many students up to Year 13 throughout Auckland.

Two of the ‘company directors,’ James Brown, Marketing Director and Has Brooke, Production Director, attended this event to receive the award on behalf of the team.

Managing Director - Emma Westbrooke
Financial Director - Kevin Shen
Communications Director - Kurt Hawkins
Marketing Director - James Brown
Production Director - Haswell Brooke
Mentor - Mrs VJ Little

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