Year 9 Camp – ‘Highlight of the Year’!

March 12, 2019 at 2:56 PM

Described as the ‘highlight of the year’, the Year 9 students, split into two groups, ventured off to enjoy three days at Totara Springs Christian Camp in Matamata.

The Term 1, Year 9 camp is a great opportunity for students to cement new friendships and create bonds in each Tutor Group. With a new intake of Year 9 students joining those who have already been at the College for Year 7 and 8, the camp is strategically timed to bring new groups together in a week of activities. It is also a good opportunity for students to build confidence and challenge themselves both mentally and physically in a supportive environment. During their time away from home, the students were able to find out more about themselves and others.

Surrounded by 90 acres of native bush, a beautiful river and park-like grounds, the students were given opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and participate in several indoor and outdoor activities. The activities focused on improving and developing interpersonal and team building skills and challenged the students to work together as a team and support one another. The students enjoyed rock climbing, abseiling, archery and go-kart racing, but the favourite was the downhill, high speed foam slide.

Students were also challenged with building a shelter from supplied materials for a night of camping by the river. Some did a great job and slept through the night, while others weren’t quite so fortunate and were up reconnecting their shelters. This was a real challenge for some, but regardless, fun was had by all.

Student, Jacqueline Masamba-Hunter said camp was highlight of the year so far. She also said it was ‘a perfect way to start the term and an amazing bonding experience.’ Isaac Waldin agreed and said he enjoyed camp because it brought his Tutor Group closer together.

Ethan Stilwell enjoyed being outdoors and said, ‘camp was a good chance for students who have experience outdoors to be challenged, while students who didn't have as much experience were still challenged but had support from the camp leaders, peer support leaders, teachers and peers.’

Our thanks to all the staff and in particular to all the parent helpers who were able to join us at camp and provide valuable assistance and supervision.


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