Year 7 College Science Fair Winners

July 25, 2014 at 2:25 PM

First place Year 7 Science Fair winner, Robbie King delved into the scientific world of all things magnetic with his winning investigation ‘Magical Metal Magnetic Magnets’ in the Year 7 annual competition. Robbie’s aim was to find if the number of magnet stages, magnets and balls on a magnetic rifle changes the firing range.

Using a variety of natural and synthetic fabrics, second place getter, Peter Gin determined which of seven fabrics tested was most water resistant by testing the weight change in both hot and cold water over a three minute immersion. Contrary to Peter’s hypothesis that silk would be the most water resistant fabric, Peter was surprised to learn that corduroy was the most water resistant in cold water and denim in hot water. He also noticed an interesting change in fabric weight between the two water temperatures.

In third place, Peter Wallace’s investigation ‘Racing Reactions’ queried if using an aroma can stimulate the senses and quicken our response times. Also if there are certain flavours or smells we should avoid because they slow our ability to react. Using a combination of lavender oil, peppermint oil and Pascal’s curiously strong peppermints, Peter’s willing subjects sniffed and sucked and completed reaction tests for his data to be averaged and compared to their previous baseline data. Unfortunately Peter couldn’t prove that peppermint improved reaction times and concluded that the use of aromatherapy oils will not make people more alert.

1st: Robbie King - Magical Metal Magnetic Magnets
2nd: Peter Gin - Water Resistance of Fabrics
3rd: Peter Wallace - Racing Reactions
Highly Commended: Alexandra Collinson - Flaming Foods
Highly Commended: Elizabeth Lightfoot - Duck Feet

In Years 7-10 at the College, girls and boys are taught separately in all their core subjects. The Year 7 science projects were judged initially within each class before the final winners were selected from all Year 7 classes. This year it was the boys who took all the top places! Alexandra Collinson and Elizabeth Lightfoot’s projects were highly commended and all five projects will now be submitted to the NIWA Manukau Region Science and Technology Fair. Best of luck to all students whose projects were put forward.

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