We Love Our Grandparents!

October 22, 2014 at 2:46 PM

There was a special week across all campuses in Term 4 when the Schools and Preschool acknowledged the special role that Grandparents play in the lives of our children. They offer strength, guidance and love, with more to spare – and our children love them in return!        

The Preschool was buzzing with excitement on the morning that their special visitors were due. Morning tea had been prepared in their honour and the children just couldn’t wait for them to arrive! The occasion was a chance for the children to share quality time as they showed their grandparents all their favorite nooks and crannies at Preschool.

Director, Mrs Sue Nash explained to the visitors how honoured she feels to have responsibility for the 3 and 4 year-olds at Saint Kentigern. Even thought they are only at Preschool for a relatively short time in their lives, it’s a time when children are receptive to exploring new ideas and she has the opportunity to help instill the Saint Kentigern values of kindness, respect, friendship and love into their  day to day living.

After enjoying a morning tea, the Grandparents were treated to songs from the youngsters along with a demonstration of their morning fitness routine. Mrs Nash explained that this daily routine helps to get rid of all of their ‘jumping beans’ after arriving in the morning!

As they prepared to leave the Preschoolers gifted a poem complete with handprint as a precious keepsake of the morning.  

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