Splashdown: Chalmers House Takes the Crown at the 2023 College Swimming Sports!

March 07, 2023 at 4:06 PM

Launching into 2023 with house spirit at an all-time high, the College Swimming Sports brought the student body together to cheer on their friends as they raced down the pool. As each house marched into the pool, chanting with flags high, the atmosphere was super charged for a full afternoon of racing.

In the end, the blue flags flew highest as Chalmers House took the crown for 2023, with Cargill and Hamilton rounding out the top three places.

Congratulations to the following athletes on taking out the top three places in each age group:

Senior Girls

1st          Liv Peebles
2nd         Olivia Sweetman
3rd         Izzy Bannister 

Senior Boys

1st          James Crosbie
2nd         Nick Forgie
3rd         Sunny Sun

Intermediate Girls

1st          Amelia Duff
2nd         Liv Kay
3rd         Scarlett Bassett

Intermediate Boys

1st          Oscar King
2nd         Nolan Zou
3rd         Lachlan Schnauer

Junior Girls

1st          Lisa Shi
2nd         Indy Neshausen
3rd         Jordan Iosefa

Junior Boys

1st          Liam Zhao
2nd         Lawerence Mu
3rd         Monty Neubert

Year 8 Girls (including Girls School)

1st          Talia Yuan
2nd         Olivia Duff
3rd =      Bree Toatelegese
3rd =      Ellie Duff

Year 8 Boys

1st          Yi Fan Zhang
2nd         Michael Chen
3rd         Jefferson Seth

Year 7 Girls (including Girls School)

1st          Zara Hong
2nd         Emily Miles
3rd =      Chloe Quan
3rd =      Zoey Wilson    

Year 7 Boys

1st          James Zhang
2nd         Leo Liu
3rd         Levi Todd

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