Speech Concert at the Girls' School

August 20, 2014 at 1:49 PM

For those girls who are interested in speech and drama, last night’s Speech Concert at the Girls’ School Hall was a fun opportunity for the girls to showcase their polished talents to family and friends. The 23 girls who performed on the night all take private speech lessons and have been preparing hard for their grade examinations being held this week at school.

The audience was treated to a delightful array of dramatic characterisation performances and some finely delivered poetry and book readings from the girls. Some girls dressed in full character to recite their piece, while others used props for support.

DSC_0050.JPGKate Frazer’s bubbly and bouncy version of ‘The Yellow One’ was described as suiting her personality to a tee, while Sara Goldfinch’s presentation of Jane from ‘Jane Eyre’ was haunting and intense. Abigail Mills eerie delivery of the apocalyptic poem ‘Fifteen Million Plastic Bags’ was also chilling and thought provoking.

Pairing up for their performances, Mary Stanfield and Zoe Nell put on a convincing duo in ‘You Were the Mother Last Time,’ a poem about taking turns is fair. Charlotte Lindsay Smail and Zoe Spencer also joined in collaboration to act out an emotional scene from ‘The Children’s Hour,’ a 1934 stage play set in an all-girls boarding school.

Although the evening was typical of a winter’s night, the Hall was well turned out in a show of support for the students. Well done to all girls for getting up on stage and sharing their finely tuned performances with family and friends. Thank you also to Mrs Judy Norton, Speech and Drama Teacher, for another successful Speech Concert.   

Speech and Drama in the Girls’ School curriculum aims at increasing the students’ imagination and creativity in a supportive environment while building their confidence in communication skills.

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