Seeds of Love

September 16, 2020 at 11:39 AM

With thanks to Teacher, Mrs Jess Francis

After the shock of the Christchurch mosque attack in 2019, the Girls’ School Year 7 and 8 students joined quilters across the country in the ‘Healing Hearts Quilt Drive’, to create 100 quilts for those affected by the terror attack.

A year later, as a response, the girls have received a lovely package from Zayed College for Girls. Inside the package were seeds, a pot and a handmade card stating the following: 

‘Handmade especially for you with aroha. On the year anniversary of the tragedy in Christchurch, we want to remind you of how much your aroha and support meant to us. The ‘Seeds of Love’ you have received are made up of the messages you gifted us. These have been recycled and mixed with wildflower seeds. May we grow to understand each other, respect our difference, and embrace our shared values to help eradicate racism, prejudice and hate.’
Zayed College for Girls

Head Girl, Mikayla Chung and Deputy Head Girl, Sophie Yan were humbled to be able to open the gift and plant the seeds in the Girls’ School courtyard. The girls are now patiently waiting to see what wildflowers germinate as we progress through spring.

Our thanks to Zayed College for Girls for their kind gesture and lovely words.

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