Sculpture Students Engage with Artist

March 20, 2019 at 9:46 AM

Encouraged to push the boundaries and use their imagination to draw on memories, the Year 12 and 13 Sculpture students recently took part in a workshop run by New Zealand sculpture artist, painter and photographer, Elliot Collins.

As part of an internal assessment that focussed on an artist model, studying an artist’s use of found materials and the interactive nature of their work, the students visited Perpetual Guardian Sculpture on the Gulf - an outdoor sculpture exhibition featuring 26 sculptures along the stunning Waiheke coastline. During this visit, the students were tasked with finding a piece of art they could analyse and reflect on. In this case, Elliot’s collaborative ‘Memory Castle’ scaffolding sculpture was the favourite.

The 7 by 5 metre piece of scaffolding stood on the hilltop overlooking a stunning view of Waiheke and featured nothing but a few flags blowing in the wind. This sparked conversation and the students quickly learnt that his work was a collaborative piece that featured illustrations of peoples’ memories and was soon to feature theirs!

Elliot visited the College to share his knowledge and expertise with the students and encouraged them to put their memories on paper, so their art could also fly on his exhibition. The students participated with great thought, sharing a range of memories from humorous to the more serious, from black and white, to colourful images.

This workshop was a fantastic opportunity for the students to further develop their understanding of what it takes to be an artist and what makes a good sculpture. It was also a good chance for students to ask questions and get a glimpse into possible career options. We thank Elliot for taking the time to come and share his knowledge. 

Elliot Collins:
Elliot has been practising art for more than 10 years and received his practice-led Ph.D. from AUT in 2018, researching Memory Markers in the Landscape in Aotearoa. He has had his art exhibited both nationally and internationally and works in the Auckland Museum sharing his knowledge and expertise with other keen artists.

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