Saint Kentigern Girls Explore a World of Science

June 13, 2018 at 11:30 AM

Year 7 and 8 students from Saint Kentigern Girls’ School explored a world of science topics as participants of the travelling Science Roadshow hosted at Dilworth Junior School on June 11.

The Science Roadshow programme, presented by the National Science-Technology Roadshow Trust, offers New Zealand schools an opportunity to enhance student education outside of the classroom.

Through hands-on learning, the girls navigated a variety of workstations and presentations to enrich their regular curriculum.

In between workstations, students listened to two presentations. The first presentation, ‘Temperature and the Fire Triangle’, focused on temperature and expansion. Year 7 student Izzy Hughes volunteered to show how a number 8 pool ball will not fit through a metal ring when it is cooled and contracted after being dipped in liquid nitrogen.

During the second presentation, ‘Living Things and What They Need’, Year 8 student Zoe Nel volunteered to help make choices as a cave person without the aid of sight. Year 7 student Keeley Berkovits blew air into a jar to demonstrate how the liquid pH level changes in a lung due to increased carbon dioxide from exhaled air. 

As an extra incentive to the day, students were offered a challenge to explain how things work. If they answered correctly, they were entered a draw to win a small 3D-printed fidget toy.

Saint Kentigern Science Teacher Mrs Francis says the roadshow facilitates ideas, curiosity and enthusiasm for science. ‘The experience will always be in the back of their minds to think about how things work,’ she said.

A few exhibits of the day were highlights for the girls. They enjoyed spinning in the rotating chair to demonstrate centripetal force and riding an exercise bike aside a mimicking skeleton.

Many thanks to the accompanying parents and staff who made this trip possible.

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