Saint Kentigern College Celebrates Academic Olympiad Success

May 25, 2023 at 3:03 PM

Congratulations to the talented students from Saint Kentigern College who have achieved remarkable success in a range of prestigious Olympiads. Their exceptional skills and knowledge have been recognized in various competitions, and we commend their outstanding accomplishments.

Edison Zhou, a standout participant, emerged as the winner of this year's Ethics Olympiad Case Writing Competition. Among more than 100 entries, his thought-provoking case "Paying Up for History" captured the coveted Grand Prize. It is worth mentioning that Edison submitted three cases, all of which received acknowledgment from the judges, demonstrating his exceptional talent.

The Ethics Olympiad requires students to analyse thought-provoking scenarios that present ethical dilemmas. They construct succinct arguments to address accompanying discussion questions, showcasing their ethical reasoning skills. The winning case of Edison Zhou is linked here "Paying Up for History", we encourage you to read his thought-provoking work.

In a more scientific setting, Avik Mehta and Sean Wang impressed the selection committees of the Chemistry Olympiad, earning recognition for their remarkable performances. After a 3-hour test, and rigorous 3-hour practical assessment, Sean's outstanding performance landed him in 5th place, just shy of securing a spot on the prestigious four-person international team.

Additionally, Daniel Xian and Oscar Prestidge displayed exceptional problem-solving abilities, securing top positions in the Junior Division of the ISMO (Inter School Maths Olympiad). The involved participants were challenged with a 2-hour test that emphasized proof-based solutions over mere calculations, which was held on the school premises.

These outstanding achievements are a testament to the dedication and hard work of Saint Kentigern College students. They have proven their abilities across diverse disciplines, from ethical reasoning to scientific understanding and mathematical problem-solving. Their pursuit of academic excellence is truly commendable.

At Saint Kentigern College, we place great emphasis on nurturing our students' intellectual curiosity and aptitude. We provide them with opportunities to challenge themselves and excel in their chosen fields. These Olympiad participants have not only showcased their knowledge but also demonstrated their ability to think critically and solve complex problems. We remain committed to fostering an environment that nurtures the talents of our students and enables them to shine on national and international platforms.

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