The Real Art Road Show

May 20, 2013 at 8:46 AM

It may have looked just like a big silver truck when it arrived, but it was actually an art gallery in disguise! The College Art Department was fortunate to secure a visit from one of the country’s most unusual and unconventional art galleries – the ‘Silver Truck,’ part of the Real Art Road Show currently touring New Zealand.  This is a travelling exhibition of original art work that includes pieces from both newly emerging artists as well as the work of some of New Zealand’s leading, contemporary artists such as Shane Cotton, Don Driver, Simon Ogden, Ralph Hotere, Greer Twiss, Robin White and Toss Wollaston. The travelling show aims to give students who are interested in art the opportunity to see the real thing; to be inspired, challenged and ‘wowed’ by the true scale, texture and colour of original artworks, no matter where they live or where they study.

Two trucks currently tour the country, each with a different focus for their collections. In the past, the Black Truck has visited the College. The 16 metre Silver truck was parked on campus for two days In May, unfolding to create a deceptively large 80 square metres of gallery space.  Sixty pieces of work were on display, forming a fascinating and insightful collection of post 1945 New Zealand visual art that crossed a variety of genre from painting to sculpture, photography and ceramic art. The collection dovetailed neatly into the current art curriculum and prior to the visit, art staff received a range of learning resources to support the collection.

While the experience was primarily of benefit to our Art students, other students and our families were able to avail themselves of this remarkable opportunity to see significant works close at hand.

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