Putting Outdoor Skills to the Test

March 22, 2018 at 3:41 PM

With thanks to Year 12 student reporter, Angus Campbell

Early in the first term, 41 Outdoor Education students and 4 teachers attended the annual Summer Camp held at Tawharanui Peninsula. This was an exciting trip away that encouraged students to push their boundaries, try new things and put their skills to the test in an outdoor setting. 

Over two days, they took part in snorkeling, white water, kayaking, ABL (adventure-based learning) and service. 

Water conditions were perfect to build confidence and gain paddling skills to be ready for their kayak assessment in Term 2. Also in the water, the snorkelling session provided the first chance to start their scuba licence with this activity counting towards their dive licence which they will gain in Term 2. Out of the water, a day walk helped prepare the students for their three day tramp which is part of Achievement Standard 2.9. Throughout the trip a big focus point for the group was their social responsibility, which was the first part of our 2.8 Achievement Standard. Through teamwork, they were encouraged to use their initiative, help others and show strong self - management skills. 

Finally, in line with the Saint Kentigern Mission Statement, the group linked up with the Park Ranger to contribute their time over the two days take part in a beach clean up to help keep ensure the regional park is kept pristine. 

It was a successful first trip which was blessed with great weather! The group is now looking forward to their next trip which is a tramp and canyoning expedition in the Coromandel. 

Outdoor Education at Saint Kentigern
Opportunities such as this, beyond the College gates, are vital for extending our students and putting their learning into context. Outdoor Education at the College is offered at NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) and Level 3 (Year 13). It is not for the faint hearted and prospective students must demonstrate a real passion for the outdoors and be prepared to meet the many challenges! The course aims for students to become actively knowledgeable, skilled and safe in selected activities, with care for the environment a paramount focus. The modules provide a range of outdoor challenges as diverse as sea and white water kayaking, bushcraft, mountaineering skills, mountain biking and SCUBA diving, along with the added challenge of a solo overnight experience. The students examine the concept of outdoor education as a worthwhile, life-long interest as well as its potential for future employment.

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