Private Speech Concert

September 03, 2019 at 12:57 PM

More than 20 Girls’ School students who take private speech lessons took the opportunity to showcase their talents at last week’s Private Speech Concert. The annual concert provides an opportunity for the students to bring their friends and family together for a night’s entertainment and watch some of the students’ Trinity College and Speech N.Z examination pieces.

With great poise and energy, the girls delivered a delightful array of dramatic characterisation performances, poetry and book readings.

Showcasing both humorous and thought-provoking pieces, the audience left feeling they’d been thoroughly entertained by the talented group of students. Well done girls!

Private Speech Examinations: Around 50 students sat the Speech N.Z exams last month and out of that 50, 32 students received Honours or Honours Plus (the highest marks) and the rest received Merit Plus (the mark under). The students are still waiting on their Trinity College results. 


Alexi Bower

“This is a stick-up” by Spike Milligan

Phoebe Wakelin

“Belinda Blue” by Jack Prelutsky

Sienna Robertshaw

A passage from “Fing” by David Walliams

Olivia Hunter-Thodey

“I should have stayed in bed today” by Jack Prelutsky

Brooke Rowntree

A passage from “The 78-Storey Treehouse”, by Andy Griffiths

Charlotte Albrecht and Laura Koeman

A retelling of part of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’

London Leighton

Imagine That, Mark Alderson

Milly Macleod

School Tomorrow, excuses for Mum” by Joseph Coelho

Emily Cornaga

The Cold Shoulder: I’ll stop this car, by Leah Mann

Chloe Ira

“Please Mrs Butler” by Allan Ahlberg

Gemma Berkovits & Jeanna Ho 

A scene from Cinderella, by Jack Neary

Charlotte Lee

Charlotte from Musical Statues by Heather Stephens

Louise Beaumont

Preparing for a trip, a mime.

Phoebe Hirst

Punishment Worse Than Death, by Andy Goldenberg

Chelsea Wijnties

Stephanie from Tourists of the Minefield, by Glenn Alterman

Charlie Gundy

A passage from “Mr Stink” by David Walliams

Jessica Ou

“The Terrible Path”, by Brian Patten

Zambezi Butler

The Stepmother from Cinderella by Jack Neary

Jaime Chandler

“If all the World was Paper” by Joseph Coelho

Sophie Yan

The Sieve, by Heather Stephens

Isabella Hughes

A passage from “Boy” by Roald Dahl

Keeley Berkovits

Lorry from “In the Forest of Gone” by Don Nigro

Edith Li

Camifrom Pink Dress by Marisol Medina

Xarya Knox

Future Masterpiece, by Adisa

MCs:                                                              Charlotte White and Audrey Lee

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