Preschools First Day at Shore Road

January 17, 2023 at 3:14 PM

The rainy summer was all but forgotten as the sun burst out of the clouds for the first day of Preschool at our new campus. Nestled between the bush and the Boys’ School, which wasn’t due back from holiday for another few weeks, the children arrived with the sun streaming into their serene new building.                                               

When the doors opened at 7:30am, the staff were prepped and ready for the first young child to walk in. A steady stream of children came through in the next few hours, each wide-eyed as they walked through the entrance with their parents. Within minutes of arrival, bags were tucked away in their nooks and toys were out.

Over the morning, the children spent time exploring their new classrooms and the outdoor tropical play area. Despite this being a new environment, there was little fuss settling in. This is a testament to the strong relationships built between our between our teachers and students. Even after a long break with much-needed family time, our youngest were set at ease when they saw the big smiles on the teachers’ familiar faces.

After a quick play inside, it wasn’t long before hats were on, and most children ran outside to the sand pit. The diggers were a big hit, not spending a moment empty the entire morning. The outdoor design encouraged the kids to play together, many helping each other build little sand houses.

By 9:30am, the children were famished from the excitement of so many new things to do. A delicious morning tea of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and different dips replenished hungry bellies for some learning in the afternoon. It’s safe to say we love our new home.

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