Preschool Grandparents’ Morning

October 22, 2015 at 2:10 PM

‘What is a grandparent? A hugger, a kisser, a grandchild misser; a carer, a sharer, a sometimes grey-hairer; a thinker, a winker, a cup of tea drinker; a pleaser, a teaser, affectionate squeezer.’

The treasured family members who attended the Preschool grandparents’ morning had all of these traits on display during their special visit. There was an air of feverish excitement as the students waited for their grandma, granddad, or both, to arrive, then gasps of delight followed by huge hugs when they spotted their nan and pop.

With education having changed dramatically over the last couple of generations, especially with the proliferation of technology, there was much for the students to share, including iPads and the many apps they use. The learning at the Preschool also retains a traditional flavour – which the grandparents could definitely relate to! The students showed them their favourite books and recent artwork, and the fun of playing with wooden blocks will never get, well, old.

After the students had led the grandparents to every corner of the Preschool, everyone gathered for a singing performance by the young ones, including, appropriately, ‘Grandma’s Glasses’. The grandparents then enjoyed morning tea before saying goodbye to the students, with more hugs, of course. Thank you to all the grandparents who made the morning so special for the students! 

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