Preschool Father's Day

September 02, 2013 at 8:11 AM

We had a great turnout of fathers and grandfathers at Preschool on Friday for our annual Father’s Day morning. The mechanical surfboard was the highlight of the morning. Every child had a turn on the surfboard with their Dad, as it began to move slowly and then a bit faster! With a bit of peer pressure each Dad plucked up the courage to have asurf too! Much hilarity was had at their expense – thank goodness for the inflatable soft landing for some!

Some Dads were natural surfies, some showed great style and technique, some looked very uneasy, some were genuinely petrified – but they all entered into the spirit of the morning and gave it a good go!

The children loved spending time with their Dad or Granddad on our special morning, showing them around Preschool and doing activities with them and enjoying an inviting morning tea.
A personalised handprint and poem of how special Dad is was given by each child to their Dad – with a mini chocolate bar treat.

Just thought that I would tell you
You’re the world’s greatest Dad.
Just to have you in my life
Makes me proud and glad.
I’m so pleased that you’re my Dad
And I want you to know
I LOVE YOU more than ever
To be with me as I grow!
There could never be another Dad
As wonderful as you,
A Dad as great as you are
In this world there’s very few.

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