The Preschool Celebrates their Mothers!

May 10, 2021 at 9:57 AM

To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, the Preschoolers invited their loved ones to join them for a special morning tea on Friday, followed by an exciting show from Nanogirl scientists!

The children loved welcoming their guests and were excited to show them around their special place of learning. There was plentiful morning tea for everyone, including heart cookies personally baked and decorated by the children. Handcrafted necklaces were also gifted, and songs were sung as they excitedly waited for the Nanogirl scientists to set up.

The show was spectacular and had the mothers, children and teachers constantly intrigued as they watched scientists, Super Snapper and Rocket Girl experiment with different types of liquids and gases. The children enjoyed observing the difference in reaction when bubbles were filled with either carbon dioxide gas or helium. It took everyone by surprise when the scientists created human-sized bubbles, enclosing every child, even some mothers inside the bubbles! It was a lot of fun!

The highlight of the morning was watching Rocket Girl safely, set her hand on fire! The look of surprise on everyone’s faces was priceless when they discovered there were no burns or injuries!

After being taken on a journey through the scientific process of making predictions, testing predictions, and discussing their outcomes, everyone walked away having had a great morning and feeling like they had learned something new.

We hope all our mothers had a happy Mother’s Day.

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