Preschool Celebrates Mother’s Day

May 16, 2019 at 12:50 PM

More than 100 mothers, grandmothers and special guests streamed through the Preschool doors last week to spend the morning with their young ones to celebrate Mother’s Day. This year’s event was another success as smiles filled the room.

The morning was a chance for mothers to join their youngsters for the morning and see the Preschool in action. The Preschool staff were kept busy, baking up a storm of almost 600 mini cupcakes for the ladies and children to decorate together! 

There was a flurry of coloured icing and decorative toppings as young and old worked together to perfect their cakes! Then it was time to taste their efforts – this was a treat for the children as the Preschool follows strict ‘healthy eating’ nutrition guidelines at mealtimes.

After their morning tea treat, the children performed an ‘energised’ version of their theme song, ‘Skinny Marinky’. The guests watched with great delight.

To conclude the successful morning, the Preschoolers gifted their guests with handmade bookmarks that featured ‘The Recipe of a Mothers Love’ poem. Thank you to all the mothers and guests who attended and to all the staff for their hard work! 


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