Musical Show Case

November 26, 2012 at 3:44 PM

The pinnacle of the School music calendar is the Music Showcase held in November each year with performers selected through audition.  This is a key performance opportunity for the best of our auditioned solo instrumentalists and main groups to entertain a large audience of students, staff, parents and invited guests. Regulars to this event know to expect a morning of highly polished musical talent - in some cases, the soloists playing well beyond their years.

This year’s concert opened with the largest of the School’s ensembles, the Symphonic Orchestra playing the Eye of the Tiger. Amongst other groups to play were the Jazz Band and the Celtic Minstrels (a group of two recorders, acoustic guitar and Celtic Bodran drum)who both won gold at this year’s Auckland Music Competition,

Our soloists were talented young musicians whose performances were inspiring and spanned a broad range of instruments from classical guitar to the euphonium and the bagpipes. We congratulate each of them on their performance and for sharing their talent with us.

Soloists: Fraser McOmish (Violin), Daniel Mar (Flute), Michael Birioukov (Guitar), Joshua Looker (Tenor Sax), Nicholas Brownlee (Piano), Ben Lerner (Alto Sax), Ethan Blight (Recorder), Harry Dolye (Bass guitar), Thomas Spillane (Drums), Nicholas Scott (Trombone), Stuart Blakey (Tuba), Rupert Gates (Euphonium), Adam Bartlett (Trumpet), Ethan Blight (Clarinet), Lachlan Broadhurst Bagpipes.

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