Middle College Field Centre

December 14, 2018 at 4:38 PM

Spellbinding views of dazzling emerald lakes, snowcapped peaks and volcanic craters resembling lunar landscapes - New Zealand’s remarkable geographical features are exemplified in the central North Island – if you can see them!

As we have come to know, the weather ‘down the mountain’ can be fickle and on any given Field Centre trip, our students may be bathed in sunshine, a dusting of snow, face howling winds, sub-zero temperatures, or be left finding their way in a whiteout! Yes, 2018 was a mix of all this! Whatever the conditions, it’s a landscape that opens up yet another amazing ‘world of opportunity’ for our Year 10 students, as they undertake the ‘rite of passage’ that is Field Centre.

Year 10 and Field Centre go hand in hand. As the epic adventure approaches each year, our students quietly voice trepidation about what lies ahead; questioning whether they have the stamina to face

the physical challenges of tramping, rafting and camping in difficult terrain; challenges that include the Tongariro Crossing and a threeday tramp. They wonder how they will cope without the comforts of home, especially the lack of toilets and technology – in no particular order!

For the majority of the students, when they return from the mountain, all traces of trepidation are gone, replaced by feelings of pride, new-found physical and emotional strength, exhilaration and sheer triumph! Field Centre has been a cornerstone of College life for close to 50 years and never fails to be recalled as one of the highlights of a Saint Kentigern education.

Year 10 student, Nathan Bailey has summed this up particularly well:

Field Centre was an amazing and unique opportunity to make connections, build friendships, and challenge ourselves mentally and physically, both as individuals, and together as a group. An amazing week filled with laughs, tears, and plenty of adventure, the experience was certainly one I’ll never forget, not just because of the action, but also because of the lessons I learned. While I’ll always remember the highlights, like the beautiful view from the top of Mount Tongariro,

and the nights spent in temperatures below zero, I know that with them will stay the values I learned. Resilience, crucial for the threeday, 50 km tramp through the wilderness, or the teamwork in our lodge that made quick work of the chores. I think that Field Centre is a chance for everyone to have some fun, challenge ourselves, and learn something about who we are. It’s an experience to make the most of, as you only get one chance, and there’s nothing

quite like it.


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