Middle College Art Exhibition

July 09, 2019 at 10:32 AM

To celebrate Visual Arts and the hard work that our Year 7 to 10 students put into their Semester 1 pieces, the Middle College put on a Year 10 art competition and Art Exhibition last week. The Jack Paine Centre was abuzz as parents, staff and students admired the high calibre of colourful and symbolic art.

From glitter to paint, celebrities to abstract images, there was a diverse range of art on display and something in it for everyone to enjoy. Middle College Visual Arts is a diverse programme that looks to build on the students’ skills and techniques in all areas of painting, printmaking, sculpture, design and photography, and aims to set up the students for Senior College. It also looks at established artists and allows students to work both individually and collaboratively, while developing their vocabulary and written analysis and self-evaluation skills.

The Year 7 students explored a range of media including pencil, pastel, water colour, ink and paint during Semester 1, and created Still Life work that emphasised layers, textures, tones and their expressive use of lines. They also looked at the different effects that warm and cool colours had on a composition and how it changed the way they looked at their work. 

The Year 8 students studied the abstract style of artist Jasper Johns to develop an understanding of compositional painting. Techniques ranged from mixing colour, blending, pattern making and painting which extended their practical knowledge. They then used these skills to create a personalised painting that referenced John’s use of colours, lines, shapes, and the principles of balance, contrast and harmony.

The work of contemporary artist and designer, Mike Perry was one focus of study for the Year 9 students. They explored the process of generating ideas from found images and drawing from observation before they developed skills in refining and abstracting illustration. This came together in the form of bold, bright and vibrant works. New Zealand born artist, Joel Penkman and renowned pop artist, Wayne Thiebaud were also selected for inspiration. The students looked at colour mixing and layering across a range of media and used acrylic paint and pastels to create vibrant imagery based on food. The students were encouraged to build on a range of colours and see beyond what might be their obvious first choice.

The Year 10 students explored portraiture through the work of artists, Chuck Close, Egon Schiele and Elizabeth Peyton. They also explored the work of New Zealand artist, Reuben Paterson and his use of glitter to create images. In their final portraits the students combined various approaches of these artists into a portrait of their own choice that included friends, family and celebrities.

The evening provided a great opportunity for the students to display their work in a supportive environment and to experience what a real art competition may feel like.

 Year 10 Competition


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 Highly Commended Awards

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