Keep Our Oceans Clean

June 23, 2021 at 3:15 PM

How healthy are our oceans? What impact have people had on the health of the sea? What can we do to make a change? These were some of the questions that our Girls’ School junior students had answered on their trip to Maritime Museum yesterday. 

Over the last two terms, our Years 1-3 students have been working on an ocean inquiry, discovering the incredible life in our seas and how our own survival connects to a healthy ocean. On their trip, the girls took part in a hands-on workshop that explored how rubbish and pollution affects the world’s oceans.

They researched the food chains and garbage patches in our ocean and were surprised to discover that there are five massive patches in our sea and that when those plastics break down into microplastics, we as humans consume the size of a credit card in plastic a week! That is from the food and water that we consume. 

The students got up close to the sea life living under the Museum. They looked at the crabs and snapping shrimp currently living there and the health of the water that they live in. 

Once the girls had a deeper understanding of the conditions, impacts and reality of our waters, they reflected on the issues, and in the end, left feeling inspired to take action. 

The workshop was completed by a self-guided trail, discovering the Museum’s collection and a walk along the waterfront, investigating the condition of the water.

The girls had a fantastic time. We thank the Museum’s educators for sharing their knowledge and all the parents and staff who made the trip possible.

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