How Special A Mum You Are!

May 08, 2015 at 3:14 PM

This morning we welcomed over 120 Mothers, Grandmothers and other special lady friends to join us at Preschool to celebrate just how special our Mums are. The children loved welcoming their guests for the morning and were excited to show them around their special place of learning.

There was a plentiful morning tea for everyone with tea and coffee to start the morning – along with plenty of treats for the children, including chocolate brownie, sausage rolls and fruit.

Then it was off down to the Drawing Room at the Girls’ School to sing some special songs for our visitors while we waited for Cornflake the Clown to come. What a great show he did with lots of laughs and giggles for everyone both big and small!

Cornflake made a balloon flower for the preschoolers before we all returned to Preschool where the children presented their Mums with a special poem and gift. The gift was a glass jar with seeds to plant which will hopefully bloom some beautiful wildflowers.

The poem, written by Sue, was signed by all the children in their own hand writing – such a special gift!

‘Inside this jar is dirt and seeds
that we can plant today.
If we plant these seeds and care for them
they will grow in their own special way.
I am like a flower that is being raised
with lots of love by you.
You are helping me grow up big and strong
by everything you do.
As we watch these flowers grow
out of this little jar,
I hope you smile and know just how
Special a Mum you are!’

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