Girls’ School Speech Concert

September 05, 2018 at 12:29 PM

Oral language is a child’s first, most important and most frequently used structured medium of communication. At the Girls’ School, we recognise how important it is to develop this skill, through classroom programmes and specialised speech and drama lessons.

Once a year, our girls have the opportunity to share their love of speech and drama at an evening concert, giving them a chance to perform their examination pieces to an audience. Zoe Nel and Zoe Wong were MCs for the evening; as well as presenting their own items.

Speech teacher Judy Norton welcomed parents and friends to the evening and mentioned that 65 of our students had sat speech examinations in one week.

The evening programme was hugely varied from works by Ted Hughes, A.A Milne, David Walliams, J.M Barrie to Alan Ayckbourn and Katherine Mansfield. The audience delighted in the humour, the characterisation, the clear and expressive diction and marvelled at the memory students had in order to present their work without scripts, except where book excerpts were read. Some pieces were monologues, others involved acting in pairs or performing a mime. In all cases these talented students had taken part in Speech examinations or in outside competitions such as the South Auckland Performing Arts Competition.


Initial: Honours Plus, Year 4: Gemma Berkovits, Amelia Paterson, Jeanna Ho, Laura Koeman, Sascha Newland, Alexi Bower, Sienna Robertshaw, Suri Zhong, Charlotte Albrecht and Chloe Ira

Grade 1: Honours Plus, Year 5 and Year 6: Emily Cornaga, Louise Beaumont, Charlotte Lee, Phoebe Hirst and Scarlett Basset

Grade 2: Honours Plus, Year 7: Isabella Hayes

Grade 3: Honours Plus, Year 7: Isabella Hughes and Audrey Lee

Grade 4: Honours Plus, Year 8: Katherine Thibaud


Distinction: London Leighton Year 4, Sienna Hirst and Charlotte Massey Year 6, Xarya Knox and Arya Blackler Year 7 and Zoe Nel Year 8.

Many of the highly placed examination candidates were also placed first or second at the South Auckland Performing Arts Competition. We are proud of our confident and articulate speakers.


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