Girls' School Produces Original Poetry for Finals

July 12, 2013 at 3:40 PM

The Girls’ School Poetry Competition Finals had a change to their annual event this year, with the Year 1-8 students presenting their own original poetry, which was a great achievement.

Accomplished Auckland poet Paula Green was the adjudicator for the event, and all the finalists were excited and proud to present their poetry to her.

The standard of poetry was extremely high and Paula enthused about the wonderful descriptive language and similes the girls were able to use.

With great difficulty she chose not only the winners, but also picked a few poems that she thought were written well enough to receive recognition to be published on her poetry blog

During the morning a selection of poetry written from Year 1 and 2 students was also heard. The Year 2 class also presented a fun choral poem called ‘Not Now, Bernard’.

Congratulations to the winners:

Year 8: Olivia Moorman
Year 7: Sophia Pettigrove
Year 6: Alexandra Knox
Year 5: Charlotte Koerber
Year 4: Alexandra McOmish
Year 3: Zoe Nel and Ava Darbyshire

With thanks to Speech and Drama Teacher, Judy Norton and Year 5 Teacher, Dee-Anne Gonzalez.

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