Girls' School Musical Soiree

September 25, 2014 at 7:32 AM

Just like the Sunday evening gatherings in Victorian times, the Girls’ School Musical Soiree featured a medley of songs and dance performances from different genres and showcased the talents of each and every one of our students. Involving over 190 girls across Years 0-8, the event was spread across two performance nights for the girls’ families and the school community.

Opening the entertainment for the evening, the whole school joined on stage to sing the uplifting ballad ‘Colour My World’, after which the 14 member strong Orchestra played the classical piece, ‘Catavina’. The show tune ‘Sixteen Going on Seventeen’ from The Sound of Music followed, before Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ wrapped up the Orchestra’s trio of songs.   

Choral harmony is one of the highlights of our Performers’ Choir who replicated their silver award winning performance from the Kids Sing Concert earlier this year with their delivery of ‘The Moon’ and ‘Three Little Fishes.’

Sharon Hung’s solo cello piece, ‘Cello Concerto No 1 (1st movement)’ was in preparation for her ATCL music exam next year, the next stage after having completed Grades 1-8. Sharon’s nimble-fingered talent for her age was incredible and this was evident in the depth of the emotion and skill that Sharon poured into her recital. With a nod of her head as her final bow was strung, the audience erupted into a thunderous applause that was well deserved.

From classical music to pop, the Year 6 dance troupe burst across the stage to the robust energy of pop artist Sia’s ‘Chandelier.’ Clearly enjoying the chance to perform, the girls mimicked each other making for a mirrored sequence of dance.

Playing one of the most challenging of instruments for the evening were Year 8 students, Kate Pennycuick and Fayth Doherty. Walking slowly on to the stage, the sound of the bagpipes filled the Hall as they played the traditional Scottish tune, ‘The Barnyards of Delgaty.’ Having previously learnt the chanter, the girls are now well on their way to becoming accomplished bagpipe players and can be congratulated on their sterling effort.

The giggle-worth entertainers’ piece, ‘Pots and Pans’ by the Year 5 girls awakened the senses as the girls banged kitchen instruments as props!

After the girls came together once more for the finale to sing the now familiar, ‘Saint Kentigern Girls’ song, Dr Hastie expressed to the audience just how special it was for them to all be on stage at once as a family and thanked her dedicated team of staff for all of their hard work that had gone into preparing for the evening.  All the students can be proud of their polished performances and tremendous showmanship that made the evening such a success.

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