Girls’ School achieved three Special Awards at Science Fair

September 12, 2017 at 4:48 PM

A love for science saw six Year 8 Girls’ School students receive an award after being selected to represent their school at the NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair. This followed on from their in-school competition where 10 students were selected to go to the Auckland finals. The annual event celebrates excellence in scientific and technological investigations carried out by students in Years7-12 across Auckland City. 

Katie Dirks was awarded 2nd place in the Physical category for her project ‘Pocket Rocket’ and also received a silver special prize awarded by the Science Award Trust. Katie’s aim was to find out the ideal amount of water relative to compressed air that makes a bottle rocket go the highest. 

Kaythi Finn received a silver sponsor’s award from Auckland Transport – ‘A day in the life of Auckland Transport,’ she was also highly commended for her project ‘Think outside the Soapbox’. Kaythi aimed to find out about the key factors that will affect the speed of her soapbox car. She looked at four ways to help her car go faster for a better chance at winning, which included aerodynamics, weight distribution, wheel alignment and axle alignment. 

Mia Hooton received the bronze disk award from Baking Industry Trust and was highly commended for her project ‘How Sweet is too Sweet’ in the Human category. Mia wanted to find out whether the ‘bliss point’ of sugar and sweetness for 12-year-old girls is the same as a standard cupcake recipe. 

The judges who are all experts in each of the different categories, were looking for thoroughness, technical skills, presentation, originality and a high level of scientific thought and understanding.


2nd Place in Physical Category and Special Prize

Katie Dirks – ‘Pocket Rocket’


Highly Commended and Special Prize in Physical Category

Kaythi Finn – ‘Think outside the Soapbox’


Highly Commended and Special Prize in Human Category

Mia Hooton – ‘How sweet is too sweet’


Highly Commended

Torie Pickering – ‘Bubble Trouble’            Materials Category

Kate Christie – ‘Rethink your Drink’          Living Category

Grace Paul – ‘Sight vs taste’                        Living Category

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