First Girls’ School Junior Poetry Showcase

June 24, 2021 at 1:33 PM

Throughout the past term, the Girls’ School Junior School has been busy with poetry, both in their classes and with Speech and Drama Teacher, Mrs Judy Norton. The girls have explored a wide variety of poetry and have learned how to write their own, which they shared with their peers and parents yesterday at their very first Poetry Showcase.

Parents filled the hall to listen to the girls. Each class performed a choral poem, followed by a selection of individual poems.  

Earlier in the term, the girls took part in a poetry workshop with Rainbow Poetry’s Judi Billciff, who shared a few tricks with the girls to improve their writing. The girls took her knowledge onboard and got to work, writing their own poems.

From the poem All Change by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharrat, to Lost and Found by Judi Billcliff, the girls in their classes class groupings put on a great show and demonstrated great pose, projection, and animation. The girls who performed individually, sharing their original poems, also did a fantastic job, showing great courage! From the colour red to a hot summer’s day at the beach, the girls' poems were superbly written and presented.

To conclude the event, parents were invited into the classrooms to look at their daughter’s work and poem books.  

The event was fantastic and enjoyed by all! It was great to see the girls encouraging one another and stepping out of their comfort zone to perform. Well done girls!

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